NumbersUSA tries to divide blacks, Latinos with anti-immigrant ad

NumbersUSA, which claims it’s for “lower” immigration rates, has released a new ad that pretty much is a classic example of race baiting by the reactionary right wing conservative movement.


This type of BS isn’t surprising. Right-wing reactionaries have been trying to employ a divide and conquer method among people of color in an attempt to advance their self-serving agendas.

In this ad, this anti-immigrant organization tugs on the emotional strings of black folks and our endless hassle in a society that protects white privilege and values whiteness at the expense of people of color. The black male actor laments having to deal with the stereotypes of being labeled as lazy. He notes he wants to work as he has a family to take care of. The solution? Not enforce anti-discrimination laws in corporate America; not to enhance and improve the American educational system; Not work to dismantle the system of white privilege that protects whiteness at all costs.

The solution, according to this organization? Limit immigration into the good ol’ U.S. of A. Let’s limit the number of people of color crossing our borders and stealing jobs that rightfully belong to real Americans.

What’s ironic about this ad is it all but white washes the history of employment discrimination. It all but ignores the fact that when black folks started challenging their exclusion from employment in factory jobs, white Americans when above and beyond to hire European immigrants over people of color.

I never ceases to amaze me how white conservative reactionaries feign concern and outraged over racial discrimination and the plight of some people of color in their attempts to advance their debilitating social agenda. We’ve seen it with the latest anti-abortion movements, labeling the most dangerous place for black children is in a black mother’s uterus. We’ve seen it in the endless amount of billboards, trying to rally black folks around the cause of restricting abortion rights in the name of ending the so-called racist practice of abortion.

And, time and time again, we’ve seen these tactics fall on deaf ears. People of color may be at a disadvantage due to whiteness, but that doesn’t mean we are more susceptible to trickery and foolishness. People of color, for the most part, have rejected this notion that a woman’s right to choose is somehow equated to racism and will reject this anti-immigration’s stance that brown people are taking away jobs from hard-working Americans.