Excuse me, but I need to rant about Chick-Fil-A

I already made one post about Chick-Fil-A, and I really didn’t intend on making another one. But, as you all know, the more exposure this hate-filled restaurant is getting, the more its defenders are coming out of the woodwork to stand by its so-called freedom of speech.

This whole anti-marriage equality fiasco has made  my blood boil, not because of Chick-Fil-A’s stance, but because the rationale its supporters are using to continue stuffing their face with grease in the name of the First Amendment.

I’m going to dispel some of the arguments I’ve heard over the past few weeks from these homophobic bigots who can’t see the forest for the trees.

It’s their First Amendment Right!

No, it’s not their First Amendment right. It’s not about freedom of speech or the freedom to express oneself. No one is trampling on Chick-Fil-A’s right to donate money to hate-filled organizations or support of traditional marriage and nuclear families. Let’s call a spade a damn spade people: the issue is about Chick-Fil-A using your greasy money to line the pockets of organizations who are hell-bent on keeping GLBTQ individuals in second-class citizenry (just like the Family Research Council and its bigoted president). The issue is about the fundamental right to equality, liberty and happiness GLBTQ individuals deserve to have. The issue is about using corporate earnings to enhance the campaign of these hate groups, dedicated to stamping out equality for GLBTQ folks.

(Mainly from straight people) I support GLBTQ rights, but I also support Chick-Fil-A’s right to its opinions

Let’s get something clear, straight folks: you cannot be for full equality if you still eat at Chick-Fil-A. There, I said it. That would be like white people eating at a restaurant owned by members of the KKK, but proclaim they are down with the brown folks. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t call yourself an ally if you still can’t understand the basic problem of eating at a restaurant that actively works to suppress the rights of a marginalized group of people. Don’t call yourself tolerant or in full support of equality while stuffing your face with fried chicken and waffle fries.

People who are boycotting now are hypocrites because they knew about this all along

I actually had a straight co-worker, who likes to proclaim she’s pro-GLBTQ rights, say this to me earlier this week. While she rapped on and on about how wrong and reprehensible Chick-Fil-A’s actions and words are, she went on about how hypocritical those who are now boycotting the restaurant are. She backed up her statement with, “People knew about this all along, so I don’t understand why they are boycotting now.” Total bullshit. At least those people have the balls to actually stand up against the bigoted servers of fried chicken and waffle fries. Yes, Chick-Fil-A’s bigoted views are well-known by those who are in tuned with social policy and corporate influence. However, it’s a cop-out to complain about those who are newly boycotting when you can’t even cut your addiction to bigoted fried chicken.

Boycotting is stupid

I actually saw something like this similar on Facebook. The quote was, “Tell me: when are you going to stop buying gasoline because the owners of OPEC put homosexuals to death?” What’s ironic is the post was made by a long-time friend of mine who happens to be gay (No. Joke.). I find this type of logic is yet another cop-out. It’s disappointing to me to see so many folks who are too lazy/selfish to even stop eating at a restaurant that funds organizations that actively campaign against their full equality. While it may not have an immediate impact, boycotting on political, social, economic or even personal grounds is empowering as you, as an individual, are using your pocketbook to demonstrate to bigoted companies that your dollar is just as valuable as those in the mainstream.


So, what’s the point of my erratic thoughts?

I am going to need for all straight people to keep their bigoted comments to themselves. I’m going to need for so-called straight allies, who often fall into the habit of treating GLBTQ folks like pets, to be honest with your latent bigotry and your continued devaluation of those who are members of the GLBTQ community.

Those proudly marching to Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday or any time in the aftermath of this bigoted restaurant’s affirmation of their views do not have the right to proclaim they are tolerant and in support of full equality for all marginalized individuals. Not only do you lack respect for the campaign towards full equality, you have a blatant disregard for GLBTQ individuals as entitled to enjoy the same, basic human rights you take for granted.

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  1. We hate hate too, but disagree with anyone who says that someone can’t speak their minds.  You think this is about freedom of speech but we know this is about pitting Gays aganist Christians and we Christians say that in our beliefs we get to love Gays and Chik of Laf (or what ever they are called) too and If you are not Christians you can’t understand that, we love and are sorry.  We don’t do or have the need for right or wrong, Black or White, if we did our lives like, or story would have been over at the cross.  Also Christians don’t allow the media to tell us who to hate, not Gays or Chik of Laf, Blacks, none Christains, whites and whoever.  We don’t have to choose and will not allow you or the media to force us.  If supporting says to you we all are beggots then it is even more important that we stand tall for both Gays and Chilk of Lak, and not allow anyone to force us to choose.  Also if one government agency says that Chilk can’t build a reasturant because they stand by something they believe, just like I did with the Islam building in NY city that they wanted to have build close to 911, I will isist they can build it sand that you better not discriminate based on what someone believes.  I will hope they sue the city and win.  W will have to pray and go after them.  Which we will do also if a Gay person is discriminated aganist we will go after those who do that also.  As I say all day, we have already been where you are at,  but you haven’t been here.  Where Christainity says we can love both, we can have a strong opinion and stand by it and not water it down to be popular, we can love Gays and beggots, we can love Jews and Islam becasue that is what Christoans do, as Christians that is what we do, that’s just how Christians roll.  Sorry it upset you so much, that we will not back down on Love.  For example you get to completely disagree with me and even hate me, but I will love and defend you to the end.

    1. Um…I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, but no one is saying Chick-Fil-A can’t speak its mind. All I’m saying is people who are “supporting” this organization need to think long and hard about their so-called tolerance and acceptance. 

      This may not be relevant, but I can’t ignore the double standard people who are supporting Chick-Fil-A have. If this restaurant made those same comments about interracial couples, would you all be so quick to support them? Or, would you label them as being racist and intolerant? Why is it still okay for organizations to actively campaign against marriage equality for the GLBTQ community, when it would be taboo if Chick-Fil-A came out against interracial marriage? 

      Would your Christianity allow you to support them then? 

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