SPLC files complaint against school district, cites Twitter rant of employee

Who knew Twitter would be the go-to social media app where folks can express their racist views unabashed. A Jefferson Parish, La., school psychologist Mark Traina, who went on a racist rant about so-called “young black thugs.”

Traina made the tweets in January, but recently came to light when the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a discrimination complaint against the school district “that describes how discriminatory policies of the Jefferson Parish Public School System in Louisiana have pushed a disproportionate number of black students and students with disabilities into alternative schools, where they often languish for months or even years before returning to school.”

The group is also taking the school district to task for employing Traina, who is one of few people who determine which children are sent to alternative schools.

A screenshot of Traina’s twitter feed I picked up from Gawker is listed below:

Not surprising, he also defends George Zimmerman as acting in self-defense in his killing of Trayvon Martin, routinely lashes out against New Orleans “thugs” and responds to a violent incident in the Crescent City by tweeting, “Quick someone call David Duke before the NAACP gets here.”

It’s safe to say there’s no way this school system can continue to have someone like Traina on the payroll with the clout hanging over the school psychologist. Traina clearly has a preconceived, negative bias against black male teenagers and young adults. It would be foolish for anyone to believe he is able to divorce his racist thoughts and prejudices from his day-to-day operations in his profession. I highly doubt a certain segment of children who Traina is tasked to look after are going to get a fair shake in rehabilitating themselves in order to graduate on time and become productive citizens of society. It’s also a safe bet to assume that Traina probably uses the alternative school in the district as a venue to toss away what he refers to as “young black thugs” who he doesn’t care to give his undivided attention to.

While Traina likes to think he’s part of the solution with his ranting against and advocating for the extermination of young black males, he’s part of the problem that stigmatizes and marginalizes these individuals and help sustain the inequitable criminal justice system by hastily rushing to judgement about these children and young adults’ prognosis on their ability to contribute to society in a positive manner.