Yet another celebrity goes on a racist, homophobic Twitter rant

This type of news has come to be expected. Celebrities just can’t behave themselves when they enter the realm of social media. The latest in this buffoonery is former SNL comedian Colin Quinn, who recently went on a rant against gay marriage and the news that white births are being outpaced by babies of color.

I should note at least Quinn isn’t ashamed of his bigotry–his tweets are still up for the public to view. I took liberty to make screen shots of the most offensive:

No, Quinn. You’re neither a homophobic jerk or a racist. You’re just someone who believes “very strongly” in white power, for the maintenance of white people as the premier race and for the GLBTQ community to go along with their lives without the expectation of receiving full, equal protection under the law. And, let me guess, you have a few friends who are people of color or part of the GLBTQ community stashed away somewhere, only to come out of hiding when you’re in a bind.

But, hey. Quinn has a First Amendment right to use Twitter as a tool to spread your hate, so what’s the big deal right? I mean, he’s just exercising his rights granted to him by the U.S. Constitution.

Whether you’d like to believe it or not, Quinn, you are a racist, homophobic has-been comedian who most likely has offended the core of his fan base by espousing his hate speech over the interwebs.

In order for people who belong to marginalized groups that have been historically oppressed to gain equal protection, laws have to be changed. People’s opinions and beliefs have to be changed in order to convince the silent majority that POCs, GLBTQ individuals and other oppressed minorities are worthy citizens that deserve to have the same liberties and freedoms you folks in the white male, cisgendered, straight, able-bodied Christian category take for granted.

And what about the gay marriage “thing” that bothers you so much, Quinn? Are you worried that members of an oppressed group may very well get an equal footing in society and you’ll have no one else to single out in your white-privileged, racist, sexist, cisgendered, cissexist, heterosexist rants? Are you worried that you may actually have to own up to the slights, slurs and offenses you make against GLBTQ individuals and said insults will no longer be tolerated or acceptable? Are you afraid of that monster named political correctness will cramp your style, thus reducing the amount of content you’re able to use in your gigs? Are you afraid that, with the passage of equal rights laws for GLBTQ individuals, that you may have to pay respect to a group of people who you don’t believe deserves such admiration?

What exactly troubles you about the news that white births are being surpassed by that of births of babies of color? Are you afraid that the good ol’ U.S. of A. will become too brown, yellow, red and black for you to stand up and show your patriotism? Are you afraid that you may one day look around and realize that whiteness will no longer compel people of color to gravitate to you as the center of attention? Are you afraid that your credibility based solely on your race and gender will no longer have the social, financial, political and intellectual pull that reigned during the 20th century? Are you afraid that the days of being white will no longer enough to get you what you want, where you want it, when you want it? Are you afraid that the days of being white as the only thing needed to have unfettered access to opportunities are numbered and you’re ability to flex your white privilege will soon come to an end?

Quinn’s tweets point to a man who is nothing short of fearful, resentful and downright disgusted by the advancement of GLBTQ individuals as deserving of the same rights straight cisgendered folks my him and myself enjoy. His tweets point to yet another white man, emboldened by whiteness and white privilege, who feel personally threatened by the imaginary rise and dominance of people of color.

Quinn’s sentiments point to the growing conversation and theory among white, male, cis, hetero men who believe the acceptance of equal rights and protections for oppressed, marginalized bodies will inevitably equal their oppression and the subsequent downfall of whiteness and white privilege as the dominant force in society to be reckoned with.