Shit Steve Harvey Says

This video is on point. It’s a compilation of sexist, homophobic, religious intolerance Steve Harvey has said. As you all know, since Harvey released “Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady,” the comedian’s (!!!!!) spin on what I believe to promote simplistic, offensive gender roles between men and women have people buzzing about what it takes to sustain healthy relationships.

I must say I’m more than ecstatic that someone finally called Harvey out for his anti-woman, homophobic spin on relationships. It’s hard for me, as a woman, to take any man seriously when his advice depends on my subjugation to what Harvey obviously believes as the stronger, more intelligent gender. It’s hard for me to respect and help financially support any man who advocates for such disparaging, restrictive gender roles in relationships. People are more complex than Harvey’s sophomoric take on relationships and gender roles are always evolving. I won’t even mention his questionable marriages in the past as they remain the elephant in the room.

What do you think of the video?

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7 comments on “Shit Steve Harvey Says

  1. Stick to comedy, Steve; no one wants to hear the “pearls of wisdom”
    dripping from your sexist, homophobic, idiotic mouth. A mouth which so
    far as I can see is not in any way connected to a brain. That is if
    there IS a brain in that fat head of yours.

    1. Steve wrote this garbage to sell books to a mass of people (sadly many of them African American but they are NOT alone) who require and demand an easy answer to their life’s issues and concerns…many people think they are gaining insight but a the dim light that is Steve Harvey is only enough to power your glove compartment box

  2. Thank you so much for this. The emperor is very naked! Steve Harvey needs to be called out on his bulls##t. I stopped watching his show because I literally could not stand it anymore. His advice consists of simplistic assumptions about how all men are – based on his own feelings towards women and the idea that the ideal man (or real man) is straight, is the family breadwinner and only does things if sex is involved as a reward. He gets away with it because it seems less insidious when spoken in a hilarious way.

  3. Wow…just wow. I don’t care what the hell a man’s agenda is, if a woman says to back up, you back the hell up. Case closed. Bye.

    Another thing that blew me away was what he said at the end. Nevermind me having male friends because we have things in common and communicate well. Nevermine me being friends with a guy because we enjoy taking to each other. Nope. It’s just because he’ll never get in my pants and is settling for friendship. CLEARY that’s the only reason. Bull shit. That’s not only an insult to women with male friends, but also to the men who are friends with those women. Are there instances where a man is friends with a woman because that’s the most the relationship could ever be? Absolutely, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong with implying that is the ONLY reason men and women are friends. Just because that’s the case with Steve doesn’t mean that’s the case with everyone. I actually find it sad that this is his opinion. This video spoke volumes.

  4. Steve Harvey just seems like a negative person overall. Sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-semetic…I mean what DOES this man tolerate?

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