White Women Against the Cruelty of Black Men


The video, meant to be satire, above explores the relationship dynamic between black men and women and how white women, whiteness in particular, often view their interracial relationships with black folks as one in which they are saving us colored folk from despair.

I can’t help but to give a partial side eye to two themes I noticed in the video (which I know some would argue is needed in order for it to be considered satire):

While it does poke fun at the white savior complex whiteness tends to have when it comes to marginalized bodies, the video doesn’t pass up the opportunity to continue portraying black women as rude, demanding, unappreciative, bossy and undeserving of good black men. One clip in the video also perpetuates the myth that black women often become enraged when a white woman nabs one of the few so-called good black men out there (because, you know, we’ve been brain washed to believe that the few good brothas out there don’t even want to be seen with black women).

Not to even mention the stereotype of black men willing to put up with being defined by their otherness, serving as an outlet for white women to fulfill their sexual fantasies and treated like slave mules in the name of nabbing society’s ultimate prize: the white woman.

While the video is funny, I just wish it wasn’t done at the expense of black women by upholding those tired and true negative media portrayals.