Virginia delegate claims he didn’t get laid due to ultrasound bill debate

Who knew all that talk about ultrasounds, abortions, uteri and women could ruin a potentially romantic night between man and wife. Virginia Delegate Dave Albo appears to be the victim of this unfortunate act and he wasn’t shy about his experience of his wife not putting out after hearing a debate regarding the so-called trans-vaginal ultrasound bill.

The Republican from Fairfax thought it would be clever to recount how his wife rejected him after she saw clips of a contentious debate regarding Virginia’s proposed vaginal ultrasound bill.


Albo took the floor to explain how eager he was after the ugly debate to get home to his family and his big-screen TV — “a 46-inch screen,” he boasted. As the evening went on, he got some ideas:

“I thought, ‘Wow, the boy’s to bed, the wife’s here. . .” Albo recounted to his colleagues, with a broad wink and a thumbs-up. “We have some red wine. . . .”

That’s about the time Albo hit the button on a music player, right there on the House floor: Boom-chicka-boom-chicka. . .

He went on, about how he sat next to her, put an arm around her. . . “I then turn on the TV to find the Redskins channel — I know you find that weird, but my wife loves the Redskins more than she loves me.”

Instead, what should come up on the super-big screen was his own name. (Albo was one of the Republicans who crafted a compromise to make the procedures optional.) Followed, he said, by “the gentleman from Alexandria’s face” — Del. Dave Englin (D) — “as big as my wall, going trans-v this, and thans-v that!. . . And this goes on and on!”

Punchline: “And the show’s over, and [my wife] looks at me, and she goes, ‘I gotta go to bed.’”

Albo’s story got big laughter and cheers from his colleagues, and he wrapped up by demanding an apology from Englin: “If the gentelmans’s plan was to make sure there was one less Republican in this world, he did!”

Englin took the floor next and apologized for interfering with Albo’s marital relations — and suggested he be more judicious with his remote

I wouldn’t want to have sex with my lawmaker husband either if he sponsored bills that would violate my right to privacy and right to an abortion. But that’s just me…

I wonder if anyone has taken the time to explain to Albo that not many women, including his wife, probably don’t take so kindly to patronizing male politicians who feel the need to slowly eat away at the constitutional rights granted by Roe v. Wade in the name of protecting fetuses.