“Graphic” anti-abortion ads will air during Super Bowl

The anti-abortion crowd will use an all-American past time to promote its reactionary views.

Super Bowl  XLVI viewers on Feb. 5 will see “graphic,” bloody anti-abortion ads courtesy of presidential candidate Randall Terry. From the linked article:

Terry has already run political ads featuring graphic images of babies killed by abortion during the first and second trimester. The ads were part of a three day ad run in New Hampshire on WBIN. The ads consisted of four 30 second spots that ran in rotation that attacked Obama’s support of child killing by abortion. Terry is also planning on purchasing similar ads in local markets during the Super Bowl. While ads of this type have frequently been rejected by television agencies for their graphic content, Terry is using a loophole in federal election law that requires stations to run his ads.

FEC regulations require television stations to run ads by a political candidate within 45 days of an election. This means that primary states that fall within the 45 day window will have to run the graphic ads during the Super Bowl if he purchases the slots. The campaign says they have ads ready to go in 40 markets, including Colorado. The first ad was purchased on Friday, January 6.

The anti-abortion activist’s website has the links to the four ads that have already run in New Hampshire. I will not put a link to the ads here, but they are on Terry’s home page. Along with this anti-woman, anti-abortion stance, Terry (who once said Obama supports slavery for his “federal plantation”) has an interesting platform, which includes him strongly favoring prayer in public schools, capital punishment for convicted murderers and amnesty for undocumented immigrants, but opposing same sex marriage, strengthening anti-discrimination laws and enhanced penalties for hate crimes. Talk about being all over the place…

Instead of discussing the facts on how outlawing abortion would negatively impact women and the constitutionality of our right to choose, Terry pulls the emotional card and uses good ol’ fashioned sensationalism to get his message across. It’s a tired and true ploy ultra conservative anti-abortion, anti-woman activists use when rationality is not on their side. It’s ironic these conservatives like to claim they are preserving, protecting and promoting life when at the same time they have no shame in exploiting the dignity of these so-called once lively human beings.

I wish these conservatives would get a new tactic such as relying on facts and valid information that effectively demonstrates why forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to full term, even if it threatens her life, would be in her best interest. I wish these conservatives would understand that woman-shaming, slut shaming and evangelical viewpoints on religion aren’t rational arguments in favor in restricting the protected rights of women.

Terry is yet another anti-abortion pundit who is more than happy to use women’s rights as a political football in the name of promoting his own self interests. He is yet another wanna-be politician who is more than willing to roll back the liberties of women protected under the constitution in the name of promoting his warped belief that women should be forced to carry all pregnancies to term, thus rendering the sound judgment and autonomy of millions of adult women null and void. He is yet another activist who is more than willing to ghettoize women’s health in the name of protecting make-believe life.