Sh*t white girls say to black girls–or sh8*t black women have to put up with


While many of the Sh*t [insert race and/or gender here] say videos are widely stereotypical and not flattering, this one caught my eye. While the woman, Franchesca Ramsey, portraying the white woman in the video exaggerates the worst stereotypes about young white women, I can’t say the message or the generalized statements in the skits has been lost on the ears of black women.

Many black women will tell you about the awkward situations in which they have to negotiate racism from white women, who come off as well-meaning in their attempt to bridge a racial gap, but are plain ignorant about the privilege and power they consciously deny they have, but subconsciously exercise on a daily basis. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to make the effort to ignore ignorant, offensive and flat-out racist comments that come from the mouths of white women, even the ones I call friends.

The video reminds me of a co-worker who likes to stress that she grew up in a diverse small city, but isn’t really aware of the racially insensitive things that routinely come out of her mouth about not only about black folks, but Latinos and GLBTQ folks.  Not only has she told me black women’s vaginas are made differently in order to accommodate big black penises, but she also assumes that all gay men are promiscuous and don’t value monogamous relationships. Not to mention her belief that all Latinos in this country are illegal and are just sucking the life out of the country’s health care system.

While it would be wrong and offensive for me to say the video is a reflection of white womanhood, the institutionalized racism that legitimizes the otherness of POCs contributes to many black women being forced to negotiate this behavior on a daily basis.

What do you think of the video? Does it remind you of anyone in your life?