South African singer “has a passion to be white”


This video is particularly sad. South African Kwaito artist Mshoza is publicly declaring her efforts to bleach her skin to be as white as Christina Aguilera.

The singer went on the popular Motswato talk show to talk about her ambitions. The interviewer Penny Lebyane sat in disbelief and appeared mystified by the singer’s questions.

Credit: AfriPOP!

The video above is really worth watching as you’ll be able to get a sense of how Mshoza justifies her, well, brainwashed belief that lighter skin will make her more beautiful.

Colonialism and whiteness truly has become so ingrained in our thinking that many women of color are willing to risk their health just to meet a standard of beauty created to justify our oppression. It really hurts me to see this young woman, oblivious to her blatant self-hate, gamble with her health by incorporating hydroquinone into her quest to mimic whiteness.

It also pains me to listen to the singer compare her desire to be as white as possible to getting a boob job. If one were to examine this argument on a superficial level, that comparison would hold water. However, smaller breasts haven’t been subjected to centuries of Otherness, subjugation, slavery, organized murders, rapes and torture all in the name of Manifest Destiny, colonialism and whiteness. Darker skin, specifically black skin, has long been deemed undesirable and hideous by whiteness and black folks continue to overcome the hurdle of centuries-long propaganda programmed into our minds.

Unfortunately, Mshoza’s quest to be accepted by whiteness is another example of women of color altering their physical appearance to squeeze into a standard of beauty set up to remind us of what whiteness believes is our inherent inferiority.

What are your thoughts on this singer’s quest to become white?