Herman Cain equates abortion to genocide

Herman Cain’s attack on abortion rights last week flew under the radar as he continues to weather the claims he sexually harassed women while working for the National Restaurant Association. Cain appeared on CBS’ Face The Nation on Oct. 30 and told Bob Schieffer his feelings on abortion and Planned Parenthood. Here’s a set of Q and A taken from Time magazine’s Swampland blog.

Schieffer: At one point, when the question of Planned Parenthood came up, you said it wasn’t ‘Planned Parenthood,’ it was really ‘planned genocide,’ because you said Planned Parenthood was trying to put all these centers in black neighborhoods because they wanted to kill black babies before they were born. Do you still stand by that?

Cain: I still stand by that.

Schieffer: Do you have any proof that that was the objective of Planned Parenthood?

Cain: If people go back and look at the history, and look at Margaret Sanger’s own words (In the early 1900s, Sanger formed one of the precursors to Planned Parenthood), that’s exactly where that came from. Look up the history…. Look at where most of them were built – 75% of those facilities were built in the black community. And Margaret Sanger’s own words — she didn’t use the word “genocide,” but she did talk about preventing the increasing number of poor blacks in this country by preventing black babies from being born.

Schieffer: So you wouldn’t see the advantage to having young mothers get counseling and advice that Planned Parenthood could give them, with so many black babies born out of wedlock?

Cain: There are a lot of centers that offer sincere counseling, rather than Planned Parenthood claiming to be those centers, when in fact they’d rather for the young lady to come in — say, they come in to get an abortion — and facilitate that. Plenty of centers genuinely do that. Planned parenthood isn’t sincere about wanting to try to counsel them not to have abortions.

I’m glad to see Time later refers to the Guttmacher Institute, which refutes long-standing myths about abortion clinics being strategically placed in predominately black communities. The nonpartisan think tank notes that fewer than 10 percent of abortion clinics are located in neighborhoods in which residents are predominately black. Using 2008 U.S. Census figures (the latest available at the time), the institute noted 63% percent were located in neighborhoods where one-half or more people were white, 12 percent were in majority Hispanic neighborhoods, 9 percent were in majority black neighborhoods, 1 percent were in non-Hispanic other neighborhoods and 15 percent were in neighborhoods in which no single racial or ethnic group were the  majority.

I’m not going to rehash what I previously said about attacks on Planned Parenthood by people claiming they are concerned about the plight of black babies since I touched on that topic here, here and here.

It’s evident that Herman Cain does not trust black women. It’s clear Herman Cain, just like many pro-life advocates, has no problem with race baiting and invoking this country’s catastrophic racist history in an effort to peel away votes and convince the courts to turn back the clock on women’s rights.

Any politician who uses his or her’s pro-life stance to feign concern over black women being unlawfully subjected to abortions in an effort to practice modern-day genocide won’t get my vote. Period. Before you pro-life people respond with your, “But what about Margaret Sanger and her belief that black babies should be killed?” comments, I’m fully aware of Margaret Sanger’s stance on eugenics. Yes, I’m aware she was among scores of other elites who believed that eugenics would rid America of poor white trash, children descended from the  mentally and physically disabled, those deemed insane by society and people of color, thus  making this country a thriving place for able-bodied, straight, WASP Americans. So, don’t go there. You don’t care about the plight of the black community, black babies or black women.

The newly minted abortion debate surrounding black genocide and Planned Parenthood is not about the concern over the abortion rate in the black community. It’s about the use of America’s tragic, disgusting racist past to promote a pro-life ideology that seeks to revoke black women’s right to adequate health care services, including the right to an abortion. It’s about infantilizing black women by reducing their autonomy and systematically erasing their ability to make sound reproductive health choices. It’s about recreating the racist belief that black women are indeed property and reviving the racist opinion that we do not have the intellectual capacity to make our own decisions.

Trust black women.