Ann Coulter: “Our blacks are better than their blacks”


You only have to watch the first minute of this garbage to hear Ann Coulter once again put her foot in her mouth.

Anyway, the conservative political analyst went on FOX News with Sean Hannity and proclaimed black Republicans and conservative are “better” than the blacks who are on the political left. She and Hannity were dissecting the so-called liberal elites’ criticism of Herman Cain, who is mired in sexual harassment allegations. Of course, these two believe that as a black man, Cain’s mere allegiance to the Republican Party is what’s driving the so-called resentment towards him.

Hannity said that, while he was not downplaying the seriousness of sexual harassment, he felt that everyday office banter was being misconstrued too often as inappropriate. “These people are humorless,” he said.

Coulter brought things back to race, saying that some women had been quick to forgive Bill Clinton for his sexual transgressions, but were attacking Herman Cain. “If you are a conservative black, they will believe the most horrible sexualized fantasies of these uptight white feminists,” she said.

Hannity wondered why liberals were, in his words, so “threatened” by Cain. Coulter was blunt in her response.

“Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” she said, speaking of Democrats. “To become a black Republican, you don’t just roll into it. You’re not going with the flow…and that’s why we have very impressive blacks in the Republican party.”

She went on to add there are no John Conyers or Maxine Waters in the GOP and proceeded to recount the pain and suffering black conservatives experience with their families, neighbors and friends to proudly proclaim their conservative values.

(Aside: Hannity’s statement about “everyday office banter” being labeled is sexual harassment is the same ol’ ploy the established male elite has used since sexual harassment became a national phenomenon after women began speaking out about their trails and tribulations in the work place)

I wonder what her standards are for black Republicans being “impressive.” Does she mean Alan Keyes? J.C. Watts? Allen West? Hm…okay, then. Furthermore, why are these conservatives so quick to use the race card in this scenario, but are quick to condemn moderate or liberal black politicians if they even thought about race when it came to criticism of them? Conservative hypocrisy at its finest…

Here’s the question I think is the elephant in the room: how can Coulter praise the autonomy of black conservatives for aligning themselves with the GOP, but claim ownership of their personhood?

I don’t write much about Ann Coulter as I believe she has a tendency to intentionally go over the top just to keep her name on the tongues of media elites, liberal activists and conservative fans. However, I think her latest gaffe is worth noting as it relates to a sense of entitlement whiteness allows its practitioners to claim ownership over a person of color.

People of color aren’t stock, animals or inanimate objects you can claim ownership over. People of color who are conservatives, moderates or liberals aren’t riddled with a below-average IQ who need your help in navigating the political landscape.

Black conservatives are more than capable of asserting ownership of their ideology and their allegiance in the Republican Party and do not need the protection and proprietorship of white GOP politicians and conservative activists. Black conservatives have been around for decades and, while some of them don’t vote for GOP candidates, they do believe in conservative values.

Black conservatives do not need to stand on the shoulders of the likes of Ann Coulter and others who assert their white privilege and whiteness in claiming ownership of persons of color they believe to be model minorities.

No, Ann Coulter. Neither you, the GOP, the Democratic Party or any other political party or activist organization own us and we are not your blacks.