“What do black women really think about love and marriage?”

This is the question Tamara Winfrey Harris at What Tami Said is posing to black women. She is working on getting the opinions and viewpoints of African-American women against the all-too-common analyses and commentary surrounding black women. Tami will also have “frank” discussions on a wide variety of topics including, marriage, sexuality, divorce, etc. The end goal is to have the collection of interviews, etc. published in a book. Anyone interested should email her at Tamara@BackTalkBook.com.

A snippet from Tamara herself:

I am interested in interviewing black women of all ages, backgrounds, geographic locations and experiences. One goal of my effort is to illuminate the lives of women often erased in discussions of the black marriage rate, including married women, divorced women, women who don’t wish to marry, lesbian women, women in interracial relationships and others.

Subjects should be willing to participate in multiple one-on-one interviews both in person and through technology. Initial interviews will be conducted by phone in November. While I will not require an inordinate amount of time from interviewees, I will need to interact with them enough to understand their stories, experiences and perspectives.

Elements of participants’ stories, including quotes, will be included in a published work, written by me. Women have the option of being referred to by their full, real names; first names only or a pseudonym.

Beyond the ABC specials, “think like a man” romantic advice tomes and panic-inducing women’s magazine articles, exist the real stories of black women—too often told from another perspective and voice. Everyone is talking about black women and marriage. I want to talk back.

Feel free to send directions about the project to the email address listed above. I think this is an outstanding project and am anxious to see the final result!