“No women allowed”

That’s the message Dr Pepper Snapple Group is sending to the fairer gender with its new soft drink, Dr Pepper Ten. The company is not being coy about the market of its new 10-calorie soft drink. From the linked article:

To appeal to men, Dr Pepper made its Ten drink 180 degrees different than Diet Dr Pepper. It has calories and sugar unlike its diet counterpart. Instead of the dainty tan bubbles on the diet can, Ten will be wrapped in gunmetal grey packaging with silver bullets. And while Diet Dr Pepper’s marketing is women-friendly, the ad campaign for Ten goes out of its way to eschew women.

For instance, there’s a Dr Pepper Ten Facebook page for men only. And TV commercials are heavy on the machismo, including one spot that shows muscular men in the jungle battling snakes and bad guys and appear to shoot lasers at each other.

“Hey ladies. Enjoying the film? Of course not. Because this is our movie and this is our soda,” a man says as he attempts to pour the soda into a glass during a bumpy ATV ride. “You can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. We’re good.”

The company is hiding behind using research that indicates men are unsatisfied with the taste of diet sodas. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group didn’t disclose the formula of the soda to the Associated Press, but said the drink “has 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar, which gives it a sweeter taste. Dr Pepper said there are 23 flavors in its regular soda, (which has 150 calories and 27 grams of sugar per can) and Dr Pepper Ten contains all of them.”

More from the article:

The company, which declined to give figures for how much was spent on the campaign, also worked hard to craft a macho message. The company said ads for Dr Pepper Ten will air on all major networks, FX and ESPN during college football games.

A Facebook page for the drink contains an application that allows it to exclude women from viewing content, which includes games and videos aimed at being “manly.” For instance, there’s a shooting gallery where you shoot things like high heels and lipstick, for example. There is also a “man quiz” with questions on activities like fishing and hunting.

How clever. Yet another advertising campaign taking cheap shots at women and items associated with the female gender. Why not just put an actual woman in the video for the men to shoot at? Wouldn’t that would make it more realistic and enjoyable to the violent, misogynistic male brutes Dr Pepper Snapple is targeting?

Yet another reason for me to continue avoiding Dr Pepper Snapple products.

I can’t even take such a tired and true, predictable advertising campaign seriously. If Dr Pepper Snapple wanted to really appeal to men, why in the hell did it limit the soft drink to just 10 calories? What kind of manly man wants a soft drink with only 10 calories? Cheese products  marketed to women have more calories than that! Hell, most martinis have more calories than this pathetic little product trying to pass as a manly soda. Why didn’t it take the KFC approach and appeal to the so-called male gender’s affection for high fat, high calorie products and soup up Dr Pepper Ten? They could have appealed to the male gender’s affection for violence and action and named the product Dr Pepper 3000 for the amount of calories it would have in each bottle.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s manly advertising campaign is an epic comedic fail by a company who, obviously lacking a creative marketing staff, decided to fall back on the old Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus analogy. Yawn.