This is why women of color can’t trust white feminists


These signs were displayed by women attending the Slut Walk NYC protest.

This is exactly why me and other women of color have been hesitant to embrace the Slut Walk movement. White feminists continue to reduce, erase and trivialize racism and other intersecting oppression black women face on a daily basis. I would love to stand in solidarity with the Slut Walk movement, but I just can’t because women like the one holding this sign have no concept of what it means to face oppression on more than one front.

H/T to The Crunk Feminist Collective, which has an awesome post regarding the photo above and the ongoing racism plaguing the white feminists.

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  1. The woman holding that sign does not represent me. I am also offended by it this woman’s sign, and speak out daily in my life when confronted with such narrow, crooked views, be they expressed by privileged white feminists or white coworkers or white neighbors or what have you.

    I enjoy reading your blog.  

  2. It really saddens me that this sign is the only thing the blogosphere has been talking about from the NYC SlutWalk. There are so many other pictures we could be talking about. So many men and women of all colors, ages and creeds, but we gotta focus on this person. 

    1. It saddens me to see white feminist continue to claim solidarity with women of color, but insists on asking us to put our struggle as women over our struggle with being persons of color.

    2. It’s the one that stands out the most. Why did they even allow such negativity into there movement. Until we realize that we are being played against each other, this type of dissenting ignorance will only keep us from achieving our common goals.

  3. I don’t get why black women would think that they have more in common with white women than they do with their black men. they only thing you have in common with a white woman is that both have vaginas. your struggle is not the same as theirs. Feminism has just broken up the family values of black folk and encouraged more abortions.

    1. While I’m not a fan of feminism, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say it’s “broken up the family values of black folks and encouraged more abortions.” Do you have any hard data to prove that seemingly erroneous statement?

  4. I have irish ancestors….they were slaves in america also forced breed with africans to make a super slave ( the africans were worth more)……i have catholic ancestors persecuted killed oppressed…….i am a woman i dont agree with these femenists…but dont tell me b/c im white i dont know real oppression or hatred my ppl have been through it i was raised in a town where i was the minority…….dont clump us all together, just b/c we all look the same to you

    1. First of all, there was no forced breeding of Irish with Africans. Whiteness would not have allowed that since it would have upset the purity of the white race. So, I’m calling bullshit on that.

      Also, are you seriously comparing your religious oppression with racial oppression? You’ve committed basic 101 fail: this is not oppression Olympics. You can’t compare and contrast oppressions.

      And you don’t know racial oppression because you’re white. It’s as simple as that. You being a minority in an mostly POC community is vastly different than me being a minority in an all-white town. Your reasoning is so incredulous that it’s laughable that you’re even trying to promote it as fact. Try again…

  5. Truly disgusting, shocking that even in the face of this MANY white feminists make excuses. I tried realistically to hang on to feminism. But liberal feminists are a joke, radical feminist are cruel. I like the idea of socialist feminism because women are a class and race are a class, but I don’t really know where to go from here and I am still reading about it and don’t know a lot yet.

    Liberal/radical feminists seem to be not only completely insensitive to criticism of their problematic behaviour (which they are always calling men out for) but also liberal feminists seem oblivious to how their “sex pos” position is not always available to every woman.

    Where as radical feminists completely disregard trans women all together and both sides only ever seem bring poc into the equation when they are trying to “prove” which side is more intersectional than the other. It is all VERY disingenuous. It’s like “see I care come to my side so I am validated and then I can use you in my arguments.” That’s what they both feel like to me.

    Woc, have more on their plate than white women so do moc in many ways. I think that’s why it flies over the top of their heads. The bourgeois feminists ‘rad and lib’ can’t seem to get passed that the top priority of women shouldn’t be in churning out as many ceo’s as possible and reclaiming ‘slut’ they really have no desire to look at things globally or think critically about systematic oppression beyond their own selfish desires for acclaim and “empowerment,” they project this into ‘feminism’ and all it becomes is white women being patted on the back for becoming a millionaire of a multinational that abuses poc around the world. How is that feminism? But then again when you look at feminism in the past, it doesn’t seem like much has really changed.

  6. You know that’s a John Lennon lyric, right? She is careless, for sure, but I am guessing she assumed everyone knew the reference? One woman being careless doesn’t mean you can’t trust white feminists. I have more in common with white feminists that the people who hate on them. I am glad they exist. Without them I would not even have known I had a ‘choice’ to view things differently. That doesn’t mean they should not be without criticism but to denounce them completely? It’s unnecessary. If we are educating men, why not also women?

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