Reconsider Columbus Day


Wouldn’t it be great if American school children weren’t force-fed the racist, ethnocentric lie of Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of the New World? Wouldn’t it be great if students actually learned about the mass pillaging, rape, disease, torture and murder committed by Columbus in the name of the 15th century’s Manifest Destiny?

Instead, each year on Columbus Day, children are brainwashed into believing Columbus brought a sense of modernity and prosperity to the New World. They are taught Columbus and other Europeans introduced civility and order to the chaos of indigenous lands and their people. American history lessons completely erase the horrors committed by European voyagers and glosses over the idea that Columbus and his comrades introduced slavery in West Indies.

The video above debuted last year on Columbus Day, but still has an awesome message about the devastation Columbus’ voyage brought to the Americas. If interested, here’s a link to the proposed petition to call for a national holiday for Native Americans.