Only in post-racial America can boycotting the president’s speech be considered patriotism

You remember in the previous decade where any sort of criticism of the government, specifically former Pres. George W. Bush, was seen as unpatriotic and un-American? You’d forget that sort of ridiculous standard was imposed upon the American electorate if it weren’t for the hypocrisy many of these patriotism pill pushers. Many school districts are caving to the political pressure of parents and are now allowing parents of students to pull their children from listening to President Barack Obama’s annual back-to-school speech, which he gave live on Wednesday.

In other words, dissent and objection is sexy, fashionable and mainstream!

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Several schools districts across the country, as well as some in Metro Atlanta — including  Gwinnett and Fulton county schools — sent notices to parents informing them if they wanted to excuse their children from watching the speech, they could.

Some systems, such as Atlanta, Cobb, Clayton and DeKalb let schools and teachers decide individually whether to watch the speech and did not send notices of the speech to parents.

Obama delivered the 20-minute speech Wednesday at a Washington, D.C. high school. It was simulcast to classrooms across the country. But not everybody welcomed the address, saying it was too political, too polarizing and out of place in a school setting.

I won’t bore you with links upon links of articles basically saying the same thing. I do find this phenomenon interesting among what one could gather as being parents with moderate-to-conservative political backgrounds.

We all know these were the same people who were ready and willing to blindly follow Pres. Bush and his neo-conservative-filled White House in their march to an unjust war with Iraq. These neo-cons pumped into the mass media copious amounts of misinformation, scaring dubious Americans into thinking Saddam Hussein was harboring al-Qaeda warriors and was in the back pocket of Osama bin Laden.

These same people were the ones who rallied to swift-boat Sen. John Kerry and other Democratic office holders or candidates in elections, funneling money into advertisements questioning their patriotism and allegiance to this country.

So, what’s changed? Well, for one, it’s the hue and the supposed warped ideology of the current commander-in-chief.

I feel pretty confident in saying these conservatives, TEA Party activists and Republicans wouldn’t think twice about the choice to opt out of listening to the president if he was white. There. I said it. The notion that Barack Obama is a raging socialist Muslim masquerading as an American citizen wouldn’t even be considered true if this president wasn’t black.

This type of disrespect and lack of deference to President Obama is embedded in the tenants of whiteness that psychologically make people believe POCs are not to be respected, answered to or even revered. These promoters and practitioners of whiteness in essence believe POCs are The Other and they view President Obama as an invader in an office they believe only white men are qualified to hold.

Of course, these people who believe Obama will somehow perform some Magical Negro action and send subliminal messages via the teevee and brainwash their kids will tell you they have no issue with the president’s race. They will tell you they could care less what Obama’s race is, but they just don’t want their children to be subjected to what the president has to say. And, of course, we can see through their bull because these same people wouldn’t even consider the option of allowing their children to opt out if Pres. Bill Clinton was still in office.

It’s ironic these proud conservative parents are so quick to toss out patriotism and a reverence for this nation’s leaders and institutions, but shun those principles when the person holding the office of the presidency is of a different race and shares a different ideology than they do. It’s ironic how whiteness allows people to pick and choose when they will remain patriotic and who they will see as a legitimate leader of this country. It’s lovely how whiteness allows people to believe it’s okay to blatantly disrespect a person of color who happens to be in a position of higher authority just because you don’t think they are entitled to your deference.

I know it’s been hard to accept, but we have a black man as president and you are stuck looking at his brown skin and his beautiful black family until at least Jan. 20, 2013.