Pi Nappa Kappa–a natural hair sorority

I kid you not folks. Say hello to Pi Nappa Kappa, a natural hair “sorority” that’s a division of the Natural Healthy Hair Society, according to its Facebook page. The mission is to “educate, inspire and uplift natural hair women, men, boys and girls throughout the entire world. To make the word “nappy” into a “happy” and celebrated term.” Their page already has over 2,000 likes and I expect to see more as the  message about its sorority spread.

Just in case the process of going natural and doing the big chop isn’t enough, a group of happily napptural individuals have created a sorority to further distinguish us  naturals from the rest of black women and  men who continue to relax and/or texturize their hair. As someone who did the big chop less than week ago, I find this new sorority a bit troubling because I do not automatically feel any sort of kinship or bond with another random black woman or man who happens to be  natural.

Is there a sorority out there for relaxed women, men, boys and girls? What about those who use texturizers?

Also, how would people be chosen to be part of this sorority? By the ridiculous hair typing system? How proud naturals boast their decision to ditch the relaxer? How reactionary their beliefs about how relaxers promote white/European beauty standards are embedded into our culture? Will people be accepted into the sorority by how loud they scream from the roof tops about their decision to go natural was a cultural, political and historical awakening of their minds?

Yes, going natural for me was an experience I can spend days writing about. Yes, I do feel better about not putting chemicals in my hair to make white people feel more comfortable around me.

But, I honestly don’t feel the need to join a “sorority” to make my choice feel legit.