So a woman who wears pant suits is “confused” about her gender

No bullshit. That’s according to Tim Gunn, who recently appeared on the Lopez Tonight show to complain about U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s style of dress.

“Why must she dress that way?” the 57-year-old quipped. “I think she’s confused about her gender [with] all these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits.” “No, I’m really serious,” he added. “[They’re] unflattering.”

When Lopez, 50, asked how the former New York senator could “hide her cankles,” Gunn said it was just a matter of adjusting her hemline. “Well, if her pants didn’t stop an inch above her ankle, she could hide the cankle!”

This douche bag tried a haphazard attempt at a mea cupla later, adding he has “great respect for her intellect and her tenacity and for what she does four our country in her governmental role,” but added he wished she was, in a nutshell, a little bit more feminine in her style options.

Photo courtesy Wen Jiabao Pictures

Really, cankles? Are we still hung up on Clinton’s ankles? That’s so 1990s, Tim Gunn…

The Project Runway sexist pig star apparently believes women like Clinton not only should be intelligent, well-educated and aspire to reputable positions in government, law and business, but they also need to be watchful of the New York City runway in order to keep up with all the latest fashions. Gunn’s comments reek of the male chauvinistic, sexist double speak men are guilty of more likely than not. While many men are capable and willing to applaud and support successful, ambition women, they still are unable to let go of the sexist attitudes that keeps women below the glass ceiling by applying gender-based stereotypes.

I have one phrase to Tim Gunn and the men and women like them: Fuck. You.