Gutfeld: free birth control plan by left “eradicates the poor”

Don’t you just love when conservatives feign concern over eugenics when it’s supposedly practiced by those on the opposite side of the spectrum?

Not surprisingly, another Fox News host chimed in with her thoughts about a recent recommendation from the Institute of Medicine to offer birth control for free to women. Heather Childers apparently felt the need to jump into a debate between Sandy Rios, vice president of Family-PAC Federal who expressed opposition to the recommendation, and Dr. Cathleen London, who supported the recommendation. In a nutshell, Ross chided London for her support and offered her solution to the problem by telling women to “stop having irresponsible sex” and encouraging them to be more responsible for their behavior.

The network host didn’t waste any time when it came to expressing her feelings. Childers added it’s “not too much to ask for everyone to stop having irresponsible sex.”

Social conservatives, more often than not, tend to believe in simple solutions for complex problems. When it comes to the issue of expensive birth control and unwanted pregnancies, social conservatives have no problem with using oversimplified answers. They propose marriage as the solution to prevent children from living in poverty (which, in an ideal world, would be the perfect solution if both parents worked middle-class jobs and were immune to the Great Recession). They propose abstinence to cut down on the rampant STD infections and pregnancies among teenagers. They believe in anti-gay therapy in “curing” people of their homosexuality.

These two hosts somehow believe irresponsible sex is the cure-all for women not needing birth control. As if irresponsible sex is the only reason why birth control is available.

Birth control is not used solely by women who, as conservatives like to believe, are so incapable of controlling how often and who they have sex with. Birth control is not used and abused by women who, as they like to put it, have no concept of morality and values.

Birth control is available and used by women who do not want to have children, who want to delay having children and who are finished with having children. Birth control is used by women who, like me, are in stable, monogamous relationships and who have decided to wait to have children.

Birth control is also used by women who have complex reproductive/menstrual problems. I’ve known several women who’ve used birth control to help ease the pain of menstrual cramps and excessive bleeding.

Birth control has served as a life saver for women who are raped and who are concerned about becoming pregnant afterwards. Birth control has been a life saver for many married women who had no way of controlling how often they had children, which put them (and their babies) at risk of grave injury or death.

Despite social conservatives’ fantasies, making birth control free and available won’t eradicate the poor, minority, disabled or GLBTQ women from the earth. It simply will give more women the option of controlling how often they reproduce and gives them more freedom to live healthy lives and have healthy relationships.