More scary, race-baiting, anti-abortion propaganda aimed at black women

watch?v=_YYw0_dRqQk, a campaign of the pro-life organization The Radiance Foundation, just stooped to a new low in their efforts to demonize black women who have abortions.

The organization has launched a campaign incorporating slavery in their efforts to get black folks to stop having abortions. A little from their website:

Abortion enslaves the black community. It does not liberate. It’s ironic that we, who were once considered less than human, now exercise this same oppressive mindset toward another class of people, the unborn. Women are remarkably resilient and resourceful, but misled into believing that they are empowered by viewing pregnancy (and men) as the enemy. Single women-led households contribute significantly to the overall poverty in the black community. The dissolution of the two-parent family (father/mother) has decimated the black community economically, morally, and psychologically. Once at 78% of all US black households in 1950, today married couples are estimated to comprise only 28.7% of households in the black community. This disintegration of the foundation of any society allows predators like Planned Parenthood to seize on the vulnerability. The destructive behaviors that fill the vacuum shackle the black community in exponentially high STD/HIV infection rates, ever-increasing “unintended” pregnancy rates, and epidemic levels of abortion as we see in NYC. In the center of the Planned Parenthood abortion empire, 60% of all black pregnancies in the Big Apple are aborted.

We don’t need to repeat a history where a people are convinced that their worth isn’t worth protecting. Black Americans have endured the dehumanization of slavery and the horrid racism of eugenics-based social policies (Jim Crow Laws and anti-miscegenation laws). Our ancestors (i.e. Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver) did not endure the hardships of a world of putrid racial hatred to see their posterity killing their posterity.

But this is what we have allowed to happen under the guise of “choice”. Roe v. Wade perverted the very constitutional amendments that finally recognized us, at least on paper, as fully human. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. The 14th Amendment made us citizens of this great country. And the 15th Amendment assured us that our voice would not be silenced, by allowing us (well, at least men) to vote. But the fight for our humanity didn’t end as Supremely wrong decisions continued to be made by 7 of out 9 justices, denying us our personhood. And despite the monumental Civil Rights Act of 1964, nine years later, the most dehumanizing and violent action against human life, Roe v. Wade, made a mockery of over a century of Civil Rights victories.

I have to admire the Radiance Foundation for their persistence and their clever use of slavery in order to get their point across. After about five minutes of laughing and shaking my head, I’ve been able to piece together a quick-witted response to their desperate attempts at race-baiting.

First (since it’s the most obvious counterpoint): black women are not forced into having abortions whereas black folks in the good ol’ U.S. of A. were rounded up by the thousands and forced to live in slavery and servitude in the name of white supremacy and the southern way of life. That simple logic–one in which a 10-year-old student could probably grasp, makes this tactic null and void.

Second: yes, women are remarkable and resilient, but we have not been led to believe anything. Women have not been “misled” into thinking pregnancy and men are the enemy. Women are perfectly capable in thinking and making decisions on their owns and have not been duped by white, feminist organizations into supporting the right to choose. In fact, black women have historically rejected that line of thinking among radical white feminists. I take exception to that kind of thinking because it implies black women are unable to fend for ourselves and we do not have the aptitude to reason and learn both sides of an issue before we come to a final conclusion. Whether this organization wants to admit it or not, black women aren’t the stereotypical feeble minded woman who followed the lead of black men and white women when it came to activism. Black women have long been the primary activists and advocates for ourselves, black men, black children and for feminist/womanist issues as a whole.

Third: the idea that female-led, single households contribute to black poverty ignores the glaring question–how many husbands and/or boyfriends have consistently failed to live up to their duties of providing for their women and children.

Fourth: Planned Parenthood is hardly a “predator” in our community. I would like to believe the pervasive HIV/AIDS epidemic and the lack of access to quality, clean and wholesome food sources are a larger problem.

Finally: Roe v. Wade did not make a mockery of civil rights advances over the previous decade. If anything, Roe v. Wade gave many women, including women of color, the constitutional right to privacy and the right to choose if she wanted to have an abortion. Roe v. Wade expanded civil rights to women.

The fact that the Radiance Foundation would even attempt to make such comparisons between abortion and slavery is indeed a mockery of the civil rights advances our ancestors spent centuries fighting and dying for. It’s obvious the Radiance Foundation doesn’t trust or have faith in black women to make wise, thoughtful decisions about our reproductive health.

It’s clear to me the Radiance Foundation has no problem with stepping on the backs of black women in order to advance their reactionary, pro-life agenda to overturn our constitutional right to choice and privacy.