>The Birther movement continues on…will it be an issue in 2012?


Apparently, Donald Trump is “really concerned” about President Barack Obama not being born in the United States, so he is demanding the president produce a birth certificate to prove the conspiracy theorists wrong. 
Le Sigh. Exactly why are the birthers still pushing this issue? 
I loved watching the video above and how the Faux News reporters discussed Whoopi Goldberg’s concerns about how race is factoring into Mr. Comb Over and the birthers’ assertion about Obama’s nationality. Of course, Mr. Comb Over and his cronies continue to deny the latent racism in the claims that a black man, somehow or another, has spent “millions of dollars running away from this issue.” 
It’s a common assumption among the intelligent folk that the birther’s concerns are rooted in some form of racism. We all know that this wouldn’t even be an issue if the McCain-Palin ticket had won the election. We all know there wouldn’t be a birther “movement” if Barack Obama was instead named Brad Olson. No need to rehash all that debate here. 
But, could Mr. Comb Over be tapping into some unresolved resentment birthers and Tea Party activists have residing in their subconscious? Could Mr. Comb Over’s “concern” about Obama’s birth place once again revive the birther movement and spur it into an issue in the 2012 election? 
Could we once again see the return of fighting about missing or non-existing birth certificates dominate the 2012 presidential election?