>Jim Holt blames CBS reporter for her attack

>Jim Holt (@gatewaypundit on Twitter), blogger for The Gateway Pundit at the RightNetwork, is criticizing CBS reporter Lara Logan for wading into the revolutionary waters in Egypt in the midst of protester’s calls for President Hosni Mubarak to resign. On background, Logan is the CBS reporter who was allegedly physically and sexually assaulted Feb. 11 in Tahrir Square in Cairo. She was saved by a group of women and Egyptian soldiers who saw what was going on.

The reporter, Holt said, is “lucky to be alive” and her “liberal belief system” almost got her killed. More from the deranged man:

Why did this attractive blonde female reporter wander into Tahrir Square last Friday?Why would she think this was a good idea? Did she not see the violence in the square the last three weeks? Did she not see the rock throwing? Did she miss the camels? Did her colleagues tell her about the Western journalists who were viciously assaulted on the Square? Did she forget about the taunts from the Egyptian thugs the day before? What was she thinking? Was it her political correctness that about got her killed? Did she think things would be different for her?

Oh. Boy. Where to begin…

Well, Holt is among the majority of Americans who continue to perpetuate and abide by Rape Culture. As we know, rape culture, in a nutshell, apologizes for the act of rape and normalizes the brutal practice in the world. Holt’s sexist description of Logan perpetuates one of Rape Culture’s long-standing practices of tying a woman’s physical appearance to her self worth. An attractive, blonde white lady, which can be implied by Holt’s statement, would never put herself in a situation such as what happened last Friday. An attractive, blonde white lady, according to Rape Culture practitioners, never surrounds herself with men of color who would even think of harming her.

Holt’s questioning of why Logan decided to go into Tahrir Square also perpetuates another Rape Culture’s codes of conduct: a woman is never, EVER supposed to be in the same room–or vicinity–of a rapist. It’s a woman’s job to be hyper vigilant about every man she encounters. A woman is supposed to know at all times whether or not she’s entering a dangerous situation and Logan, according to Holt, failed to act in her best interests by not abiding by the Rape Culture code. Every respectable, attractive, blonde white woman is supposed to know all the tips and tricks to avoid rapists at all costs and guard her womanhood from savage beasts.

Holt’s refusal to hold the brutes accountable who allegedly subjected Logan to the assault also falls in line with Rape Culture’s tolerance of the man who rapes. Rape is normalized and brute behavior of men in society is accepted. Boorish behavior by men in war, as well as peacetime, is condoned and rape/sexual assault during an uprising/war/revolution is accepted by nations and states as normal byproducts. Women who live within nations or states undergoing drastic societal changes should do everything in their power to shield themselves from getting raped or sexually assaulted. Male perpetrators of rape are never to blame as they are acting out what’s accepted behavior in life and in the battle to preserve one’s freedom. They are just being men.

The respondents to Holt’s post were just as clueless when they attempted to use Logan’s attack as an example of how Arab and predominately Muslim countries treat women. Fscarn said:

Well, Lara, welcome to the World of Islam and How It Treats Women. And more broadly, How Islam Treats Anything Non-Muslim. So, whaddya think now, Lara? Can’t wait to hear your first report after your recovery when you as a dyed-in-the-wool liberal call for understanding of your Muslim rapists and how it’s all the fault of the West and Bush. Certainly unfortunate for this Lara lady, but what’s it going to take for Americans to learn the true nature of Islam. This Logan event is a micro event. 9/11 was a huge macro event, and still Americans do not believe that Islam is inherently evil. I fear that more 9/11 events or 7/7 events are going to be needed to teach the West that Islam is wholly incompatible with civilized society. 

Here we have a liberal reporter who now has been mugged, and if she doesn’t turn full conservative she will nonetheless act a little more suspiciously towards Muslims. 

All of this reminds me of Al Wilson’s “The Snake,” A Muslim is a Muslim.

Too bad these ethnocentric, right-wing Americans continue to hold their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge that our system is set up to make rape victims prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they were indeed raped. How’s that for women’s rights? How’s that for our so-called modern, Western world that makes rape the only crime in which the victim used every means necessary to ward off rape? Talk about equality…

Rape apologists will feed us the line about Logan, who clearly didn’t know her place as a respectable, attractive, white woman, violated the codes of Rape Culture, and made herself vulnerable to attack. Rape culture and its promoters will continue to classify victims as those who asked for it because they did not follow the Rape Culture rules for getting through life without having to experience a rape or sexual assault. Women who do not live within the boundaries of the male-dominated and centered Rape Culture, rape apologists say, will continue to suffer the wrath of men.

This, indeed, is man’s world.