>Limbaugh: Pepsi Ad “home run” because black women hate blondes

>Leave it to Rush Limbaugh to give insightful commentary on the racial politics between black and white women. Limbaugh on his talk radio show praised Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial featuring a black woman hitting a white woman with a can of Pepsi Max. If you didn’t see it, here’s a video of the commercial:

Limbaugh said the commercial was a reflection of the tension and hate black women inherently have for white women, specifically blondes:

One of the biggest pet peeves black women have, in recent decades, is black men marrying or pairing up with white women. It just bugs ‘em, particularly if they happen to be blonde. That’s lighting the fuze. There’s already a bomb there but, if the white woman happens to be blonde, that just… They’re taken off the market. Another black guy gone from the marketplace of available men. So the Pepsi ad has a white woman getting decked by a can of Pepsi thrown by a black woman. A home run if you understand the demographics here.

I’m not going to blog about the stereotype of black women being dominant/aggressive/overpowering and black men being passive/unable to catch a break in relationships as some people are already discussing.

I want to point out the flippant attitude Limbaugh had about the ad speaking some truth as black women can’t stand when white women, specifically blondes, take available, quality black men off the market. In his superficial and racist critique, Rush Limbaugh clearly broadcasts to the world how he views black women: petty, combative and hateful of white women with his grading of the ad as a “home run.”

Too bad Limbaugh is ignoring unaware of the rising number of divested black women who do not tie their destinies and fate to black men and their social status. Too bad Limbaugh is completely ignorant of the fact that many black women, including myself, are perfectly fine with white women “stealing” our men. Too bad Limbaugh is oblivious of the legions of black women who continue to move their lives forward and not harbor narrow-minded, spiteful racist views of white women and black men.

Who in the first place said black men “belonged” to black women and they were a white woman’s to steal? The black women I know profess no ownership of black men and no control over who they choose to date.

I, Rush Limbaugh, could care less about who a random black man decides to marry, have sex with or father children with. I could care less about white women, even blondes, dating,  marring or having children with black men. I just don’t care who black men choose to date. I don’t tie my life or my life’s destiny to the fate of black men.

Limbaugh’s sweeping generalization of black women is unfortunately part of the norm; society as a whole paints black women with a broad brush and routinely label us either oversexed Amazons, “ghetto” gold digging schemers or loud, obnoxious women who go on welfare to take care of their many, many children with many, many deadbeat black men. Sadly, though, it’s hard to get upset with Limbaugh’s impudent comments when he’s merely a reflection of society’s relentless pigeonholing of black women in a disparaging, repugnant caricature.