>Student criticizes Howell school board’s action against teacher


Meet 14-year-old Graeme Taylor, an openly gay Ann Arbor, Mich., student who came to the defense of Jay McDowell, who was suspended one day without pay for telling a student who expressed anti-homosexuality remarks to leave his classroom. The teacher is considering legal action against the district.

Personally, I believe a lot of details have been left out this story. I believe this teacher just wouldn’t throw these students out of class. Most likely these students were disrupting the class and was asked to leave by the teacher. These two students then probably went home and told their parents their First Amendment rights were violated. These parents then probably pressured the principal, the superintendent and school board members to act in a manner they deem appropriate, i.e. shutting down a teacher whose “liberal” values conflicted with theirs.

No matter what you think of this drama, you have to admit little Graeme’s speech was ingenious. This teen’s passion gives me a glimmer of hope about the millenials and their slightly older brothers and sisters.