>Arkansas school board member to resign after anti-GLBTQ comments on Facebook

>”I would never support suicide for any kids. I don’t support bullying of any kids.”

Those were the words of Clint McCance, vice president of the Midland School District in Pleasant Plains, Ark., who appeared on CNN’s AC360 to explain his anti-GLBTQ students. He noted his comments were “over the top” and…he “picked the wrong words to use.” 

“I’d like to extend apologies to those families that have lost children, for all those children who feel that suicide is the only way out, especially for the five families who have already lost children,” he said, referring to a rash of recent suicides by gay teens. “I brought more hurt on them… they didn’t deserve that and I do feel genuinely bad for them.”

McCance added he will resign from the school board in light of his comments. 

Despite his choice of words during the interview (“picked the wrong words to use”), I’m glad McCance saw the writing on the wall and decided to spare the school district and his family more public humiliation due to his homophobic and reckless remarks. It’s a shame McCance felt he needed to degrade a segment of the population on his Facebook page, and I’m glad his constituents now won’t have to worry if he will indiscriminately serve them no matter what their sexual orientation or preference is.