>Black Councilman told by white colleague to work in cotton field


It should be noted the NAACP is asking City Councilman John Williams to resign after making these comments to Councilman Daron Lee. If you read the story linked above, there is some interesting background information about Williams: 
Williams has been a constant in local news this year, once for an incident where he said his city phone was taken from a Waffle House on Watson Boulevard. Law enforcement officials said his story was not true, charging him with filing a false police report, among other things. In another incident, a resident called law enforcement authorities after Williams showed up at his house uninvited one night this spring. And, according to a letter to city officials from Warner Robins Redevelopment Agency Executive Director Gary Lee, Williams has said he didn’t want Gary Lee to touch his skin. Gary and Daron Lee are brothers.
This is one of those episodes that you can only shake your head at. I don’t know much about Warner Robins (about 2 hours south of Atlanta), but I can’t say I’m surprised this occurred because, as we’ve witnessed in the past two years, those who’ve been spiteful because this country elected a black president AND have witnessed black folk become power brokers alongside their white colleagues, have made their hostility towards blacks and other minorities no secret.
I’m still in awe he had the audacity to repeat his comments WITH cameras in the room. However, the cynic in me believes the smug politician probably won’t resign–and would be re-elected if he indeed remained on the Council.