>Ad orders Latinos not to vote on Nov. 2

>Latinos for Reform is urging all Latino voters to stay at home on Nov. 2 to punish Democrats who failed to pass immigration reform. Yes, they are discouraging registered voters to turn their backs on their civic duty instead of participating in the upcoming election.

Here’s the English version of the advertisement.

It should be noted that these ads were pulled in Nevada and Univision announced it would not run the ads. Robert de Posoda, president of Latinos for Reform, later said he is unsure what he’ll do now Univision won’t run the ad. de Posoda claims the Latino vote is taken for granted by politicians and, in order to show political leaders a lesson, Latino voters should stay home on Nov. 2.

Ironically, it also should be noted the ad was heavily tilted to campaign against the Democrats in Congress, which isn’t a surprise as Latinos for Reform is a Republican 527 organization that alleged in 2008 that then-candidate Barack Obama puts African-Americans and Africa ahead of Latinos and Latin America.

I’m sure registered Latino voters aren’t stupid or naive enough to believe that not voting will send a message to Democratic AND Republican representatives, senators and other candidates. Any effective and experienced 527 group won’t encourage their base to stay home. Any legitimate organization, whether on the left or the right, understands the importance of civic participation and discourse. Any organization that truly is passionate about its objective and mission will do all they can to get their supporters riled up and ready to cast their ballots on Election Day.

Latinos For Reform and its haphazard attempt to draw attention to the issue of immigration reform and Congressional inaction will no doubt backfire and further detract Latinos from the political process.