>PETA uses sex to promote its agenda

>I’ve never been a huge fan of PETA. While I applaud their investigative reports into the animal slaughter industry, I have been repelled by their extreme, often offensive activism to draw attention to their platform. Nevertheless, this vegetarian and feminist is a bit surprised by their use of porn star Jenna Jameson in their promotion of pleather.

First, let me comment on the video. I’m not truly convinced if Jenna Jameson’s “life got changed.” It sounds as if she was more excited about dressing up in pleather than actually advocating for people to stop wearing (or eating) animal products. 
Now, onto PETA. This paragraph should alarm any woman with a brain:

Having starred in hundreds of adult films, Jenna is known for being a strong, sexually aware woman. If you’re looking for advice on how to add some flare in the bedroom, she is the perfect expert to get help from.

When did starring in numerous adult films make a woman strong and “sexually aware?” When did participating in a mainstream pornography industry that doesn’t care about making pornography for women’s tastes give Jameson the authority to give kinky, sexy advice in the bedroom?

The feminist in me can not resolve sexual liberation and women participating in the mainstream adult film industry (I say mainstream because there is pornography out there that’s geared towards women and couples). Call me old fashioned or even a feminazi, but there’s nothing liberating about watching women in mainstream porn serve as sperm dumpsters in the films of the male-oriented porn industry.

PETA’s use of Jenna Jameson, and the subsequent promotion of the mainstream, male-centered adult film industry, is a slap in the face to its female staff and countless other female animal rights activists fighting on behalf of PETA and its cause. The organization’s subliminal promotion of mainstream pornography–and its use of a woman’s body to advance its mission–should force women to realize that PETA has no problem stepping on the backs of women to promote its agenda.

One can only wonder if PETA indeed cares more about promoting its name rather than advocating for the ethical treatment of animals AND women.