>My take on the Coons-O’Donnell senate debate


That short video pretty much sums up the debate between Delaware Senate candidates Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons. CNN has a pretty good story wrapping up the debate. I watched the majority of the debate and was left more confused about O’Donnell’s stance on key issues. 
For example, she REFUSED to give co-moderator Wolf Blitzer her take on evolution. Blitzer asked her point blank if she believed in evolution. Nervous, O’Donnell quickly answered with an explanation of her previous statements on the topic, noting she believes the decision to teach evolution should be left to local school boards. It should be noted O’Donnell said she believed evolution was a “myth.” It would have been nice, or at least showed residents she is capable of properly answering questions, to have informed the audience of her veiws. Instead, she told Blitzer her views are ‘irrelevant” and the decision to teach evolution should be left to local officials.
O’Donnell, through a tactic known as deflection, frequently put Coons on the defensive and forced him to make his stance known on issues such as health care reform and campaign finance reform. O’Donnell, who clearly seemed unprepared on certain questions (such as the Supreme Court question in the video above), often shifted each question and threw the attention back onto her opponent. She accused her opponent for having Marxist beliefs (but refused to clearly answer questions that would gauge her belief), being Harry Reid’s “pet,” his apparent plans to serve as a rubber stamp for President Barack Obama and the Democrats in the Senate and supporting cap and trade due to his company’s supposed benefit from the proposed legislation. 
She also blundered when Blitzer asked “what were you thinking” when she made a campaign ad, spoofing her comments about “dabbling” in witch craft. Instead of letting the issue die out, Blitzer said, O’Donnell rehashed the entire “debate” by reintroducing the idea in a campaign ad. O’Donnell fumbled through an answer, not really giving a reason for her choice of an ad.
I will say Coons did appear to be condescending towards O’Donnell throughout the debate, jabbing at her inability to formulate a clear question to him. Fortunately for him, he was able to clearly answer the questions given to him.
Anyone with a quarter of a brain should in Delaware should be embarrassed the state chose O’Donnell as the Republican Senate candidate. Aside from her inexperience and inability to cope with a campaign that’s become a national media target, her staff and experts have clearly not prepared her for the stardom–and backlash–she’s experiencing. 
She refused to give the audience her opinions and beliefs. She clearly could not handle the direct questioning by the co-moderators. She had to resort to attacking Coons throughout the night to cover up her own shortcomings. Her performance reminds me of another dark-haired woman who became an overnight right-wing darling who became an expert at ducking and dodging tough, relevant questions. 
I wonder if the Tea Party Express is starting to question their premature endorsement of O’Donnell.