>Paladino: homosexuality not a “valid” option compared to heterosexuality


I love how he says he is all about living and let live and has no problem with it, but goes on to say that he believes children “will be better off” if they got married and had children (as if marriage and popping out babies is the answer to all of society’s ills). To be fair, Paladino in his prepared speech did omit two lines: “There is nothing proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That is not how God created us.” 
Paladino, who said the comments during a prepared speech to a group of Orthodox Jews, further went on to say how he believes the media misinterpreted his remarks and how they relied on a prepared speech that wasn’t what he used. It should be noted that the speech Paladino used was in fact identical to what he was caught on tape saying. 
It’s become the norm for extremist candidates to blame the media for interpreting their remarks as out-of-line and as attacks upon a certain segment of the population. It’s become part of the Tea Party platform to throw bombs from the comfort of their surroundings and to blame reporters and media outlets for “misinterpreting” their comments. 
Sure, Paladino, you may be perfectly fine with homosexuality, but it’s obvious you have some resentment and hate towards the GLBT community. Whether you were pandering for votes or  truly expressing how you feel, stating that kids shouldn’t be “brainwashed” for thinking homosexuality is okay clearly is bigoted and reeks of fundamental Christian values.