>Gay men beaten in Stonewall, two arrested


This is truly sad and disturbing. The New York Daily News that two men were severely beaten in the Stonewall Inn, located in the West Village of Manhattan. (As an aside, for those who don’t know or haven’t heard of Stonewall Inn and its historic significance, please go here before reading any further.) From the NY Daily News’ website: 

A pair of violent homophobic attacks have rocked the city’s most gay-friendly neighborhoods – including one inside the West Village bar considered the birthplace of the gay rights movement. Shocked customers at the Stonewall Inn chased Matthew Francis, 21, and Christopher Orlando, 17, both of Staten Island, after the pair yelled gay slurs and pummeled a man during an attempted robbery early Sunday, said cops.

New York, I still love you,” the victim, Benjamin Carver, 34, of Washington, D.C., wrote on his Facebook page as he waited at a hospital to get stitches.
In the second attack, Andrew Jackson, 20, was busted on charges he and a pack of pals brutally set upon three gay men Friday night at 25th St. and Ninth Ave. in Chelsea. The victims were kissing and hugging good night after dinner.
At the Stonewall, cops nabbed Francis and Orlando after they confronted Carver in the rest room of the famed Christopher St. bar, officials said.
“Got gay bashed while peeing in the bathroom at the Stonewall bar, where the gay rights movement began. Ironic right?” Carver wrote on Facebook. “Guys wanted money. Cops got them.”

Apparently, this attack came less than a day after another anti-gay attack in which a group of male who were bidding good night to friends were physically attacked. 

Just before midnight Friday, several male friends hugging and kissing each other good night in Manhattan’s gay friendly Chelsea neighborhood were confronted by a group of more than five people who used an anti-gay epithet and told them to go home because “this is our neighborhood,” according to a court document filed by prosecutors. Two other men lashed out with fists as Andrew Jackson hurled a metal garbage can into one victim’s head, prosecutors said.

Jackson, 20, was arraigned over the weekend on hate crime assault and other charges. His lawyer, Anne Costanzo, declined to comment Monday.
The 365gay.com article further went into details about the attack at Stonewall: 

The victim was using a restroom at the Greenwich Village bar around 2 a.m. Sunday when a man at the next urinal, Matthew Francis, asked what kind of an establishment it was, prosecutors said. On being told it was a gay bar, Francis used an anti-gay slur and told the victim to get away from him, assistant district attorney Kiran Singh said.

“I don’t like gay people. Don’t pee next to me,” Francis added, according to the prosecutor.
Francis, 21, then demanded money, punched the victim in the face and continued beating him after a co-defendant blocked the door, tackled the victim and held him down, Singh said. The victim was treated at a hospital and was released, she said.
The idea that GLBT folks can be attacked at the Stonewall Inn (THE STONEWALL INN, PEOPLE) and be victims of hate crime really gets under my skin. I wouldn’t be surprised if this place’s patrons feel some sense of violation by these thugs.

As Atlanta gears up for its 40th annual pride celebration, I will be thinking of these men as I mingle amidst my GLBT brothas and sistas. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with them, in solidarity, against this kind of disgusting, conspicuous hatred.

What will YOU do to stand up against intolerance and hate?