>Michigan assistant attorney general goes after Michigan student

>The lack of professionalism and maturity on behalf of this man is appalling. Andrew Shirvell, Michigan’s assistant attorney general, has been on what he calls a “political” campaign to wage war against University of Michigan in Ann Arbor student assembly president Chris Armstrong. 

Andrew Shirvell has launched a blog called Chris Armstrong Watch to publicly declare his contempt towards the student. He was interviewed last night on AC360 and was taken to task for his campaign against a private citizen. 

“I’m a Christian citizen exercising my First Amendment rights. I have no problem with the fact that Chris is a homosexual. I have a problem with the fact that he’s advancing a radical homosexual agenda.” 

Lovely. Yet another religious wing-nut hiding behind the First Amendment to throw their bigotry bombs at anyone who contradicts their holier-than-thou opinions. 

It’s clear that Shirvell is obsessed with Armstrong, who is the first openly gay student to serve as the assembly president. Even his boss, Attorney General Mike Cox said he was “outraged” by the discovery of Shirvell’s blog.

This man is obviously a disgrace to the office of attorney general in Michigan and should be dismissed for not only the abuse of power he is wielding, but for the unethical behavior he’s displayed while in office.