>Where’s the outrage over the killing of Rodricus Williams?

>We’ve all seen the numerous blog entries, Facebook statuses and tweets about the verdict and subsequent reaction of the trial of the killing of Oscar Grant. We all saw the pictures of folks protesting the verdict and the reaction of Grant’s family and their lawyer. We all saw black folk stumbling over themselves to see who can sound the most upset and dismayed at the Grant verdict.

Courtesy Live 5 News
But what about Rodricus Williams? 
The body of little Rodricus, 2, was found in a trash can filled with cement last week. His father, Roger Williams, and his live-in girlfriend Grace Nicole Trotman, are currently in jail and charged with homicide by child abuse. The two initially made up a story about Rodricus being missing after falling into the Battery in downtown Charleston. But their story began to fall apart. 
According to an affidavit, Trotman admitted to an FBI agent that “she made up the missing child story to cover up an incident in which great bodily harm to the child occurred.” According to Roger Williams’ affidavit, he acknowledged the boy had an ongoing health condition that needed to be monitored. However, when Rodricus Williams fell ill, he instructed Trotman not to contact health care providers. He admitted to investigators he did not call for medical help either.
After the boy allegedly died, authorities were directed to an abandoned mobile home near Bowman in Orangeburg County where they found the body of a small African-American boy encased in 450 pounds of concrete inside a plastic 30-gallon trash can.
The body found was determined by DNA to be that of Rodricus Williams on Wednesday.
I can’t begin to understand the pain and suffering this child must have gone through in the moments before his killing. I can’t begin to comprehend how these two “adults” neglected to get this child the help he needed when he fell ill. How can a father refuse to get the medical care his son so desperately needed? 
What’s more disturbing is the lack of outrage among the black community about the death of yet another child at the hands of the same people who were supposed to protect him. Where is the outrage for him and other children who perish due to the neglect or abuse of their own loved ones? Why does the black community continue to turn its back on the plight of our own children? Why do we as a country, on a broader scale, tolerate the murder, rape, exploitation and abuse of our children?
I don’t see the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons or other black folk who cried foul on their blogs or Facebook and Twitter accounts at the Oscar Grant verdict showing disapproval of Rodricus’ death. I don’t see my fellow brothers and sisters standing up for this young child and keeping his memory alive. I don’t see anyone fighting for him.
Why is the life of Oscar Grant worth shouting about and Rodricus Williams’ killing isn’t? 
When will the black community stop picking and choosing which victims’ lives are worth fighting for and worth marching in protest? When will the black community stop cherry picking its victims to honor? When will we begin to value the life of our children? 
When will we stop the killing, degradation and exploitation of our children? When will we begin to stand up and take back our neighborhoods from the denigration and infestation of crime and start shielding our children from its affects?