>Brooklyn teen killed, ex-con arrested in her murder

>This story hasn’t gotten much press as the Aiyana Jones/JeRean Blake tragedy
Kendale Robinson allegedly put a gun to the head of Al-Taya Conyers, 16, and pulled the trigger even though the terrified teenager screamed “No! No! No!” and begged for her life, police said. Robinson, who was charged with murder, stared blankly ahead and did not say a word as he was led from the 76th Precinct at 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police said Robinson chased Conyers down Warren St. next to Boerum Hill’s Gowanus Houses Wednesday night, finally catching up to her in front of a church. As Conyers tearfully asked to be spared, the do-rag wearing gunman shot her in the head, chest and stomach, witnesses told police. The teenage girl, who lived in the nearby Wyckoff Gardens Houses, died a short time later at Long Island College Hospital. The motive for the killing was not immediately revealed by police.

Investigators believe Conyers and Robinson were “acquaintances” but never had a romantic relationship, according to police sources. Robinson was also friendly with the slain teen’s boyfriend, Walter Glover, who had been arrested twice in the past for assaulting Conyers.

Detectives were exploring whether Glover, 20, had any connection to the shooting, the sources said. Robinson has a lengthy rap sheet with 16 prior arrests, as well as convictions for assault, drug possession and drunk driving, according to records.

He was arrested for a shooting in July 2009, but charges were later dropped. He was arrested Friday afternoon not far from the shooting scene. A surveillance video that showed the aftermath of the killing helped cops identify the suspect, the sources said.

Conyers was arrested two days before her death for posting a threatening message on Twitter against another girl, but cops do not currently believe that incident was linked to the murder.

The New York Times’ article on the shooting paints Conyers as a teen who had a history of troubled relationships with men–and a person who’s had run-ins with authorities. The article notes Conyers had caused a stir over things she posted on Twitter and other websites, including one that led to her being arrested on Wednesday and charged with aggravated harassment. The posts, the article said, revolved around a dispute with another girl and a man.

The Times’ article also featured those who knew Conyers.

“I don’t know how this could happen to Taya, of all people,” a friend, Dain White, 19, said Thursday. “She was the nicest person. I don’t know how it could be so horrific. It’s unbelievable.”

She was a bright young lady,” Andre Dash, an assistant principal, said in a telephone interview. 

She was a nice girl,” said Armal Mallory, a 38-year-old stonemason. “She’s so quiet.” Mallory, a neighbor of Conyers, added the 16-year-old girl had been assaulted on the street on Tuesday and was bleeding and screaming when she returned home, according to the Times’ article.

It will be interesting to see if this shooting is in relation to Conyers’ being arrested for aggravated harassment. In any instance, the violent death of this 16-year-old is abhorrent and intolerable. The murder of black boys and girls in our communities and neighborhoods by criminal and thugs continues to be an acceptable form of life for many in our communities.

Why do we as a community continue to find it acceptable for our children and our families to be subjected to violence and criminal behavior?  Why do we continue to glorify and turn a blind eye to the violence and criminal decay in our communities?

When will we as a community say enough and take action against the brutalization, rapes and murders of our children at the hands of our neighbors? When will we stand up and begin to protect our children and our families?