>Another doctor pulls anti-health care reform stunt

>This time, it’s an Arizona dermatologist who taped this note to his door.

 Photo courtesy The Daily Caller

The doctor said he will stop practicing once the bill goes into effect because he is fed up with government intrusion into health care.

“I’m absolutely serious [about stopping practicing] and it’s not just because I’ll be nearing 65,” Scherzer said. “The stress is what would push me out the door. From what I’ve gathered hearing from my friends and peers, most physicians I’ve heard from feel the same way.”

Scherzer said the bill’s emphasis on punitive measures for physicians not following government-prescribed treatment methods under Medicare would increase his anxiety level to the point he would no longer be able to practice medicine. The maximum fine was previously $10,000; under the bill it will now be capped at $50,000. Scherzer said the fine system makes seeing a Medicare patients a difficult and stressful exercise.

“Doctors have actually committed suicide over these things. There’s no insurance to cover it,” Scherzer said, calling the fine system “tremendously complicated and Frankensteinian.” “It’s absolutely impossible to be certain you’ve complied. I feel like when I see a Medicare patient I have the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head.”

 Well, this is very mature. Spend your whole life building your practice and suddenly threaten to quit just because you don’t like when someone changes the rules to benefits your patients and not your practice. Very classy.

This doctor also criticizes the Democrats’ contention that waste in the health care system is driven by physician’s motive to make profits.

The point of socialized medicine is to allow the government to budget the percentage of GDP spent on medical care. They don’t want to admit they are rationing care, so they say doctors are ordering too many tests to make money,” Scherzer said, adding that while there are always a few bad apples, the vast majority of physicians are ethical and do not knowingly order unnecessary tests.

While he identifies as conservative, Scherzer said he has avoided politics for the past decade and that he blames the current poor state of the medical industry on both Democrats and Republicans. However, he plans on ending his political hiatus this week: He’ll be attending his first Tea Party in New York City on Thursday night. (It should be noted this rally in New York City was held April 15)

“It’s interesting how every time someone has concerns or opposed the bill you hear the Democratic party call the individual or group liars. It’s almost the mantra,” Scherzer said. “They’re providing disincentives to care that are making the practice of medicine repugnant.”

Ah-ha. I should have figured this doctor was a closeted Tea Party supporter. I find it amusing that these doctors, who are masking as concerned practitioners of their profession, are now throwing temper tantrums about the new health care law and are threatening to throw their lives away by ending their practice or threatening patients who support Obama to seek care elsewhere.

In my previous post about the Florida urologist, I stated this type of sore-loser mentality would have been denounced as unpatriotic and un-American if those whining were on the left. We on the left would have been told to go to Canada if we wanted “socialized medicine.”

Right-wing activists have further lowered the art of dissenting in this country. Their opposition, fueled by the likes of talk radio mongers, has deteriorated into hate, racist, xenophobic anti-government rhetoric. Their tactics mirror the forms of intimidation those rallying against civil rights deployed on those who were in favor of blacks having full equality.

Their level of anger (or, should I say, hate) is not only acidic to our representative democracy, it’s also poisoning and destroying the art of debate and discourse in our lives.