>Would you vote for this man?


Photo courtesy Jeff Riedel/GQ Magazine

Former CNN host Lou Dobbs is considering a presidential run, according to an article in GQ magazine. The article written by Jeanne Marie Laskas indicates Dobbs said he’s never said he was running for president, but quickly added he hasn’t ruled the quest out. 
While us more moderate-to-liberal folks wouldn’t dare cast a ballot for the former CNN host-turned-anti-immigration-activist, I’m sure his xenophobia and his anti-Hispanic stance won’t deter some Americans (read: Tea Party activists) from supporting him. I don’t have to cite many examples of his railings against various items as examples of his reactionary points of view; I’m sure you all are aware of at least one instance in which he’s turned you off. His Thursday appearance at a Tea Party rally in Manhattan could be read by some as him testing the waters.
So, would you vote for Lou Dobbs?