>Great story about post-Katrina shooting

>Two people have come forward with information that could help investigators to solve the shooting of Donnell Herrington, according to a story by A.C. Thompson of Pro Publica and Brendan McCarthy of The Times-Picayune.

Three days after Hurricane Katrina turned New Orleans into a ghost town, somebody shot Donnell Herrington twice in Algiers Point, ripping a hole in his throat.

Herrington, who is African-American, says he was ambushed by a group of armed white men who attacked without warning or provocation. He barely survived the shooting, which shredded his internal jugular vein, a key vessel that transports blood from the brain to the heart. He believes the assault was racially motivated.

No one has ever been charged in the incident, but now, more than four years later, at least two figures have come forward with information implicating a neighborhood man in the attack. These two people linked Roland Bourgeois Jr. to the shooting in interviews with ProPublica, the Times-Picayune and PBS’ “Frontline.”

Terri Benjamin, who lived in the area, said she saw Bourgeois, 47, pledge to shoot anybody with skin “darker than a brown paper bag” while clutching a shotgun. At one point, she said, he held up the blood-drenched baseball cap of a man who’d just been shot.

The story that appeared on Pro Publica was a really good one, in my opinion. It would be interesting to see where this investigation goes. I, for one, have always believed the post-Katrina crimes were more complicated than the media coverage made them out to be. While they focused intensely on looters, mainstream media failed to give adequate coverage of this and other cases.