>Virginia declares April Confederate History Month

>I want to thank What Tami Said for alerting me to this.

So, Virginia has paid homage to the Old South by declaring April as Confederate History Month. You can read Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell’s official proclamation here. As you recall, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue issued a similar proclamation last April declaring it Confederate History Month in the state. He also in that same proclamation declared April 26 as Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. Perdue also signed a proclamation in January of this year declaring April as Confederate History Month in Georgia.

I love the use of the phrase “four year war between the states for independence” in Virginia’s proclamation. In a move to be inclusive, Georgia in both of its proclamation made a point to include the token Jewish and Native Americans who “contributed” to the Confederacy’s war for independence.

I can understand those white southerners who want to honor their ancestors and their past. I can understand wanting to pay tribute to the people who made you who you are today.

But, enough with the white-washing, my fellow southerners. Let’s not forget that Confederate history is seeped in slavery, Jim Crow, the raping, torturing, beatings, killings and humiliation of slaves. Let’s remember that in the Old South, slavery was viewed as God’s plan and those in support often pointed to the Bible to justify their beliefs. The Old South is not just about Southern Belles in hoop dresses and the Southern gentlemen who would do anything to protect their honor from the so-called animalistic black male slave.

So, when you southerners celebrate Confederate History Month, be sure to pay homage to the slaves that built those beautiful monuments and those exquisite homes. Pay tribute to the slaves that raised your ancestors and make sure they had a comfortable life–while their own children worked all day in the field, lived in shacks and ate the scraps your ancestors threw away. Recognize that the Confederacy was solely created to preserve the “way of life” in the South you love to celebrate: a society that used the institution of slavery, violence and racism to retain a white supremacist (and patriarchal) order.