>Should we really be surprised at the threats?

>I’m not. And neither should you. These threats being made against Democratic lawmakers have been a long time coming. This type of hate and bitterness displayed by those on the right have been brewing ever since a so-called Muslim, Kenyan socialist became the 44th president of the United States.


We can recall the racist and disgusting Tea Party protests signs hailed at many rallies. We can recall the many anti-health care reform advocates heckling those who were speaking out in support of the legislation.

When we look back at our behavior over the past year and a half, can we really be surprised and shocked at this nonsense?

The recent spurs of violence has lawmakers on both sides blaming each other for fanning the flames of the violence. From Politico:

As the threats against members of Congress and incidents of vandalism mounted, charges of bigotry, lying, hypocrisy and incitement coursed through the Capitol and around the political universe Thursday. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the second-ranking Republican in the House, escalated the political rhetoric, accusing top Democratic leaders of “dangerously fanning the flames” by seeking political advantage from threats leveled at Democratic lawmakers during and after House deliberation on the new health care law. Cantor singled out Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) as culprits in elevating the threat. Democrats say Republicans have incited the acts by firing up fringe activists with heated rhetoric about the health care bill and they’ve accused GOP lawmakers of blaming the victims in the wake of verbal and physical acts of intimidation.



From Doocy on Faux and Friends:


 From Kilmeade on Faux and Friends:


Great stuff, guys. Great stuff.

Who knew that a black man who is pretty much indifferent about race in America could draw so much hate and spite from those on the right? Who knew that a biracial (wasn’t that supposed to be the unifying factor about Obama) senator from Illinois could bring out the worst in those on the fringes in America?

These sort of threats and violence (to throw my conservative readers a bone: if they are true) are a reflection on how those on the extreme right are feeling because the little power they’ve accumulated during the eight previous years of our country trapped in the Bushes is being stripped away one piece of legislation at a time. Frustrated at the resounding defeat by a (gasp) black man who is part of a new breed of black male politicians (no longer can they marginalize and trivialize black politicians as those who fan the flames of racism), these angry, mostly white, male conservatives can only resort to hate, racism and violence in an attempt to keep a firm grasp on the declining power they have in society.

It’s no question that those in the right-wing media and those politicians who’ve been shunned by the main stream (read: Sarah Palin) have fanned the flames among those who are incensed by the health care overhaul. From Glenn Beck declaring war to Sarah Palin using crosshairs to target House Democrats in tough election battles who voted for health reform, one can only wonder if these tactics were intentional on the part of conservative activists to rile up the nutjobs in their base.

This sort of deep-seated anger can possibly be tied directly to the increase in hate crimes in the U.S.

Once again, I ask you all: should we really be surprised at these threats?