>Teacher hangs Obama effigy in classroom


Yeah, this is the professional way to respond to President Barack Obama’s calls for firing inefficient teachers as a model for holding failing schools accountable. 
The effigy was found in the teacher’s classroom by Superintendent Frances Gallo, Rhode Island Department of Education spokeswoman Nicole Shaffer told The Associated Press. Shaffer said the department would not have any further comment. Gallo told the AP on Thursday evening that the foot-tall Obama doll that she saw Monday was hung from its feet from a white board and was holding a sign that said, “Fire Central Falls teachers.”

The president of the Central Falls Teachers Union, Jane Sessums, said the teacher, who has not been identified, hung the effigy as part of a “lesson plan.” Apparently, the teacher has apologized and asked Superintendent Frances Gallo if he could apologize in writing. 

“He understands that his actions affect not just his students but all of us,” Sessums wrote. “There is no excuse for what he did.” 

What sort of lesson was this teacher trying to convey to his students? How to ensure the probability that he will never be re-hired to teach at this school? 
If so, the chances of him reaching that goal was more than 99.99% successful.

I can understand why teachers are upset. I can sympathize with the feeling that they are being labeled as scapegoats for the school’s failure when the majority of students speak English as a second language. I can grasp the feeling they must have when a student’s parents are more apathetic about their child’s education. I can even understand the resentment they must feel with the federal and state government imposing unrealistic solutions on a problem politicians have no experience and expertise in dealing with.

While this is an emotional time for teachers, they must remain professional and stoic in the face of their students. They are setting examples of how to respond to difficult situations. No matter what one may believe, the way a teacher conducts him or herself in front of students does have an impact on how they respond to the world and life’s problems. 

They have to be the grown-ups in this situation.