>New York man in custody after beating woman because she refused his advances

>When I first saw this story, I couldn’t believe it. This douche bag had the nerve to beat up this woman in a club’s bathroom after she rejected his advances

The attack occurred around 2 a.m. at Social, a three-story bar and lounge on Eighth Avenue in midtown Manhattan where the 29-year-old victim, a nurse, had gone with a friend, authorities said.

The woman told police that she had rebuffed attempts by the man to dance with her, said police spokesman Paul Browne. When she went to the women’s restroom on the second floor, he followed her and burst into a stall.

The man beat the victim until she was unconscious. Her friend later found her in the stall and called 911, believing she might have fallen.

The woman was hospitalized with a broken eye socket, broken jaw and other injuries. When she regained consciousness, she told hospital workers she had been attacked.

Browne said investigators think the man also might have tried to sexually assault the victim.

Luckily, this nut job was caught on Friday by the NYPD. Many women can tell you they’ve been the victim of man who can’t seem to take no for an answer. We’ve all been at a club or a bar when we’ve been approached by some guy who can’t seem to keep his hands to himself and doesn’t understand the phrase “personal space.” Not only is this cat spilling his drink on us, but he’s blowing his liquor breath in our face. 
We all know the routine: we take two steps back, pushes his hands off your waste and tell him, “Thanks, but no thanks.” He backs away and slurs, “Damn, baby. What’s wrong? I think you are so beautiful and I just want to buy you a drink and dance a little.” We continue to turn down his advances and walk away. Douche bag gets angry and, feeling rejected (or emasculated), begins calling us out our name and stumbles away. 
Yes, we all know this scene too well. Sadly, this encounter turned violent for this young woman. 
What bothers me about these scenarios is these young, immature, greedy boys just seem to feel entitled to a woman’s body. These boys, raised in a Western culture that tolerates and encourages sexual abuse, violence and degradation of women, feel any woman is fair game for their taunts. Add a bit of liquor courage and the situation can easily slip into one that’s dangerous for women. 
It’s high time for women to stand up and not take this sort of abuse and imposition from these boys. Yes, we know we are beautiful and sexy, but no, we do not want your unwanted touches and advances. 
What will it take for these boys to understand that women are not placed on this earth to pleasure and satisfy you at your will? What will it take for these boys to understand that woman’s body is not for them (and your boys) to touch at your own discretion?