>Haitian orphans go “home”


Some things that were ignored while CNN’s Gary Tuchman was busy playing the role of U.S. reporter blindsided by the “good deeds” of Americans who take advantage of a country’s natural disaster and hastily rush into the country to “save” the children:

-Why did these women come to Haiti to adopt?
-How long did this adoption process take place? Were they in the process of the adoption before the quake hit?
-Has it been confirmed that these children were indeed orphans?

I may seem like a cynic, but this whole wave of adoption in Haiti just seems fishy to me as Haiti has never been in high demand as compared to eastern European and Asian countries. Are these people truly concerned about the plight of Haiti’s orphans or are they just taking advantage of a country in disarray and going to Haiti because of the probability that the government is focused on other “high priority” issues?