>Why CBS’ decision infuriates me


Okay, so ManCrunch (a gay dating website) is banned from the air, but the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family can recruit Florida football star Tim Tebow to talk about how happy he is that his mother chose not to abort him (against doctor’s orders) due to complications of giving birth? According to this source CBS claims the ManCrunch ad …is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” Last time I checked, gay men are just like other men who love football. 
I can understand CBS is trying to avoid another Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake fiasco and the evangelical Christian conservative uprising against the showing of a black woman’s breasts on national television. I understand CBS is attempting to play it safe to avoid any fines levied by the FCC for “indecent” programming.
I would love to see what CBS’ standards are when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday. So, it’s okay for a conservative pro-life organization to buy air time to shove their beliefs down the throats of drunken football fans (and their indifferent children), but it’s not okay for a business to cleverly promote their website? And, for those who support CBS’ decision, don’t give me the crap about how the gay dating ad is in “poor taste” when they’ll be plenty of commercials that promote the objectification of women and laud drunken, boorish behavior. I wonder if the ad would have been approved if instead it was for a lesbian dating and used two women making out in skimpy clothing with men holding beer cans and doing traditional cheers.
One can only wonder if CBS would have made the same decision if Planned Parenthood or NOW decided to buy air time to promote the right to choose or access to birth control. Would those type of commercials meet CBS’ elusive standards for Super Bowl Sunday? 
Not only is CBS’ decision to reject the Super Bowl ad is another example of the blatant double standards the advertising industry promotes, but it’s a slap in the face to the tradition of the Super Bowl as a nonpartisan program in which people of all backgrounds and beliefs can come together and watch the big game. I don’t know about you all, but the last thing I want to see when I’m at a sporting or entertainment event is some political message. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than when you see some organization attempting to shove its political beliefs down one’s throat. 
With this type of track record, CBS could well be on its way to become the Conservative Broadcasting System.