>Palin joins the Birthers movement


Should we be surprised, though? We all knew Palin was/is a little off, so this type of rationale shouldn’t come as a shock to us mainstream folk. More from the story:

McCain’s campaign counsel has said the campaign did look into the birth certificate question and, like every other serious examination, dismissed it.

Palin suggested that the questions were fair play because of “the weird conspiracy theory freaky thing that people talk about that Trig isn’t my real son — ‘You need to produce his birth certificate, you need to prove that he’s your kid,’ which we have done.”
“Maybe we can reverse that,” she said, returning to Obama’s birth certificate, describing the type of thinking involved with a word that isn’t clear in the audio.
So, is this more about retaliation for Palin as opposed to sincere “concern?” Is this validity she’s trying to portray her way to get back at those on the far left (a distinct minority) who questioned if Trig was her real son? As we’ve seen with previous politicians (such as George W. Bush using Saddam Hussein’s assassination attempt on the elder Bush as one motive of creating a war with Iraq), revenge politics never ends well for those involved.