>Sixth person arrested in homecoming rape case

>Another teenager was arrested in the case of a 15-year-old student who was gang-raped outside her homecoming dance at Richmond High School.

Jose Carlos Montano, 18, was arrested on charges of felony rape, rape in concert with force, and penetration with a foreign object, said Richmond Police Lt. Mark Gagan.  Montano was arrested Thursday evening in San Pablo, California, a small town about two miles from the city of Richmond, where the crime took place. Montano, who was held in lieu of $1.3 million bail, is accused of taking part in what police said was a 2½-hour assault on the Richmond High School campus.

This case has just become so troublesome to me. Not only because bystanders did nothing to prevent this crime, but the video below (from a friend of the victim) speaks volumes as to they type of “security” that was in place at this school.


Four officers at the dance, none of which patrolling the area…Several men sitting outside the dance, none of which had their identity checked…the assistant principal, who saw the men, also didn’t checked the identities of these men…

This student also brought up the racial aspect of the school and how it’s played a role at the lack of security at the school. While I can’t give any opinions about that, it’s definitely got the wheels turning in my head.

Something’s wrong here, people.