>Girl gang-raped during homecoming dance

>This story is just plain disturbing.

A California high school student who police said was gang raped in a two-and-a-half-hour assault outside a homecoming dance remained hospitalized in stable condition Monday, two days after she was flown from the attack scene in critical condition.

Here’s a video from Northbaytv with an interview with one of the officers:


The girl was assaulted outside Richmond High School. Nineteen-year-old Manuel Ortega was arrested as was a 15-year-old. A third teenager has been interviewed by police, according to Lt. Mark Gagan of the Richmond Police Department.

This is the part that’s most troubling to me:

Investigators said as many as 15 people, all males, stood around watching the assault, but did not call police or help the victim, a 15-year-old student at Richmond High School in suburban San Francisco. “As people announced over time that this was going on, more people came to see, and some actually participated,” Gagan said.

How can 15 males stand around and watch a girl be gang-raped and not say anything or even participate? How would these people feel if this were their sister, mother, aunt, cousin or grandmother who was subjugated to such brutality and humiliation? Along with the fullest prosecution of the rapists, I think these spectators should also face punishment.