>The hunt is on….

>Courtesy of Think Progress:

Angry, conservative protesters have created a new organization, RINO Hunt 2010. The goals of this organization is to de-liberalize the Republican Party by voting out any incumbent who doesn’t adhere to the following conservative principles posted on its home page.

· First and foremost, a conservative bears a firm commitment to the US Constitution as well as the State Constitution. The rule of law.

· Secondly, a conservative insists that changes to the Constitution must be made in accordance with the process of the Constitution such as by the amendment process which requires ratification by the States, not by unelected judges.

· Additionally, a conservative advocates for personal property rights;

· Reducing government intrusion in our personal lives as well as reducing government intrusion in the private business sector;

· Committed to a strong National defense, superior to all other Nations;

· Protection of our borders, with strict control;

· Against amnesty for those that willfully disregard our immigration policies;

· Against tax dollars being spent to promote or fund abortion;

· Reducing taxes and spending;

· Reducing social programs;

· Rewarding personal responsibility;

· Affirms a person’s right of self defense including the right to keep and bear arms;

· Affirms the right of religious freedom and denounce government interference as is being done under the guise of “separation of church and State”; a phrase not in the First Amendment.

· Does not support sending our military into action against another Nation without a declaration of war;

· Understands that our currency must be backed by gold and silver in order to have financial stability;

· Understands our currency does not belong to the government, it belongs to the people that have worked to earn it;

· Understands our form of government is NOT a ‘pure democracy’ or ‘majority rule.’ In a Constitutional Republic such as ours, the will of the majority is tempered and limited by the rights of the minority, which are always intact and unalienable regardless of the ‘will of the majority.’

RINO (an acronym for Republican In Name Only) Hunt will attempt to elect people at the local, state and national level who will adhere to the aforementioned bullet points. An entire section has been set aside for a hit list of Republicans RINO Hunt is looking to take out. The only person on the list is U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

This should be interesting; no doubt about it. I’m looking forward to seeing names and faces such as Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, John McCain and other Congressional Republicans who haven’t caved in to the reactionary heckling of conservative talk radio hosts. I’m also looking forward to the overtly racist, tasteless, homophobic and sexist signs, t-shirts, posters and stickers RINO Hunt’s blind followers will conjure up.