>Only in Paulding County…

>As a life long Georgia resident, I know which counties in metro Atlanta that has a history of being overtly racist. One of them is Paulding County, where a local business man uses the N word to criticize Obama’s healthcare proposal.

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It even gets more strange. Check out this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about the use of the sign.

The current sign, which has been outside the Georgia Peach Museum and Restaurant for about six months, takes a critical stand against President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan.

But it’s not just a simple message. It contains an “n” word many see as a racial slur. Find that offensive? Well just keep on driving, says Lanzo, who has run the bar for 22 years.

Lanzo contends the word is only labeled “racist” when it’s uttered by a white person. Similarly, he says white people referring to themselves as “crackers” aren’t labeled racists.

“We’re not at all racist,” says his 19-year-old daughter, Brandi. “We have black people come here all the time. We’re not ugly people.”

Seriously people. There are more constructive ways to show your discontent with the president. May I suggest holding a Tea Party protest? There, your racist signs and t-shirts will be welcomed with open arms.