>An ironic sign from a pro-life organization

If you look closely the at the right, bottom side of the corner, you would see ALL. Well, according to a reader at Politico.com, the sign actually belongs to the American Life League, a nonprofit pro-Roman Catholic, pro-life organization.

Not only does this fly in the face of what this organization claims to uphold, it also tactless towards those in the Kennedy family. A family that’s lived their lives in the spotlight just had to bury their patriarch and already the right-wing fringe groups are seizing on his last moment in the sun to further their opposition to this so-called Obamacare.

But, what should I expect from an organization that showed no remorse to a man who shared the same faith they claim to promote. The problem? Kenendy didn’t allow his faith to obstruct a woman’s constitutional right to choose, those same rights ALL does not believe women and families should be afforded.

Senator Kennedy devoted a great deal of his public life to assuring the deaths of millions of human beings – members of the human family who happened to reside in their mother’s wombs. He repeatedly defied Catholic teaching, arrogantly receiving the body and blood of Christ when he knew as certainly as he knew his name that aborting a child is an act of murder and a grievous crime defined in precisely those terms by the Catholic Church.